Knowing your limits

Currently my personal sewing skills are home sewer.  What’s home sewer skill level?  Home decorating items, simple quilts and limited garment sewing.  Often will have a go at sewing most things, but the fit isn’t 100%, or something isn’t quite perfect enough.

Instead of trying to smash through all the sewing projects I want to do, with the start of SewSquirrel (I used to blog under Fabricspill), it’s a new era.  Take more time, blog about the progress, but most importantly is this.

If I wouldn’t buy it, I didn’t make it well enough.

The reason for sewing for other people (i.e. quilts) is to make something beautiful, personal and crafted just for them.  Generally as a personal rule, hand quilted is better than machine JUST because they are softer and more snuggly.  Back to hand quilting, except for baby quilts.  Babies grow to fast to wait for hand quilting.  And they vomit more than normal people, therefore baby quilts NEED to be more  hard wearing, and the parents happy to throw it on the floor.

Garment sewing is to create a well fitted beautiful piece of clothing I love.  This dress here is always covered with a cardigan as the shoulders slide down and show the bra straps.  Why bother making it then?

I’m going back to basics

The wardrobe is going under assessment.  What do I wear the most?  In what fabrics?  Then I’m planning a wardrobe, and starting with the beginner patterns I’m going to make them again.  And then skill up.  And learn how to fit a pattern properly rather than quick fixes.

If you’re interested in joining me on this adventure, open up your closet doors and let’s talk.


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