Wardrobe assessment – Have you thought about it?

As part of the wardrobe revamp/sewing plan, I’ve managed to corral my style (commonly know as boring, my friends kindly called it “classic”) into four segments.  The highly unoriginal Work summer, work winter, home summer and home winter. By really reflecting on what I wear, I’m making a sewing plan of the most multi-purpose items possible.  I am the person that finds a top, and buys three.  Hence the pattern selection will also be based on double duty.  Will the dress suit both work and home?

Work Summer
Mad men style Dresses
Pencil Skirts
Light tops/tanks

Work Winter
Heavier dresses “mad men” style
Pencil skirts
Tailored shirts
Long sleeved tees

Home summer
A-line Skirts
Tank tops

Home Winter
Jeans/esprit pants
Long sleeved tees

The next step in doing my sewing plan is sorting through my existing patterns, then working out what clothing pieces come next (which also takes into consideration moving up from beginner, intermediate then advanced patterns, AND a variety of fabrics).  Then perhaps a colour palette?  The honest measure is looking fairly imminent.  Where to from there?  Fabric shopping?  Perhaps working out what I can use from my existing stash?


One thought on “Wardrobe assessment – Have you thought about it?

  1. Sophie (monbouton) says:

    hmm this is an interesting reflexion! I think I should do the same and plan sewing probably for the next few years, because I won’t have enough time to sew all I want 🙂

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