Sorting through the patterns

Yesterday was a wet melbourne day, and perfect for going through all my sewing patterns. It’s ruthless, two piles of patterns, one to sew, one to get rid of. If its not my style exactly, it’s out.  What is left is a few commercial patterns, and the Lady Grey pattern.  Honestly, I’m still not 100% on whether these all will make it into my final sewing plan.   The McCalls dress is nice, but just a bit meh.  Good for at home, but it will depend on the fabric choice as to whether it could be a sucess.

The New look dress is only included on the basis that I will completely change the shoulders.

Do they all deserve to be in the final list, or are they in there because I already have the patterns?


2 thoughts on “Sorting through the patterns

  1. Carolyn says:

    This is an interesting project. I tend to hoard patterns, so would have a hard time actually getting rid of any, even if I wasn’t planning to make anything from them in the immediate future. I love the coat pattern, and the Simplicity one too. I actually have that Simplicity pattern, but I’ve put off making it because I dread the alterations I would have to make with that fitted of a dress. I’m curious whether you are planning to make shirts/blouses to go with your new home-sewn wardrobe, or if you’re planning to supplement skirts/dresses you create with store bought shirts and/or sweaters? I ask because I don’t see any shirt patterns in this group here.

    • It’s a good question, these are just the patterns I kept, I had shirt patterns that just weren’t really my style. Lots of floaty pretty blouses that look lovely on Kate Moss, but without a belt have the potential to look like a tent around my waist. I’m looking at getting lots of knit patterns, like the Jalie sweetheart top.

      And I’m also dreading the alterations on the simplicity pattern, but once it’s done then I can make lots of the same dress and accessorise it differently.

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