Fear of knits

Does anyone else have a reasonable amount of knits?  Knits are a staple of my wardrobe, but without an overlocker seem daunting.  So while I’ve done some sewing with knits, I’ve never bought a pattern specifically for knits.  How ridiculous is that?  So Carolyn’s comment on my previous post shows where a really gap in my pattern buying lies.  In knit tops.  Any recommendations?   I’m going to go and play with some baby clothes knits to practise hems and finishes, from the lovely Rae.  The best thing about baby clothes is they don’t take up much fabric.  You can make it, and if it doesn’t work then it’s not the end of 4m of fabric.

The top criteria (get it?  Top criteria for a top…yes?) is stretchy, comfortable and suits a large chest.  The three patterns in consideration are;

The Jalie Sweetheart top

The burda Sadie tank top

The Sewaholic Renfrew top

So please, any suggestions would be welcome!


4 thoughts on “Fear of knits

  1. Carolyn says:

    Ooooh. I think I love the Jalie pattern, especially with skirts so the neckline shape will show. I share your trepidation with knits. I did recently buy a serger, but haven’t done any knit clothing with it yet (though I did use my mom’s serger before I grew up and moved out on my own). I think the plan to start with small clothes is a good one. One of my biggest fears when thinking about sewing with knits is actually buying the fabric. Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems like it can be hard to find reasonably-priced knit fabrics that will wear well. If you find a good source/brand, I hope you’ll share.

  2. I like the Jalie top, too. And it’s not essential to have a serger, although it certainly speeds things and make fast, neat finishing a breeze. I used my sewing machine to sew stretch fabrics for a very long time and there was nothing wrong with the results. I still use it occasionally, despite now having an overlocker, simply because now and then I’m in a hurry and cannot be bothered having to rearrange things so I can get to my overlocker.

  3. I think a serger is the difference between a professional finish and the homemade look, which is silly as sewing in a straight line makes the biggest difference! I’m going to try out ballpoint needles and using a twin needle and practice before making the renfrew. Might even do a side by side comparison out of curiosity.

    It is hard to find knits that wash well, or perhaps I always pick poor knits. The Michael Miller knits are meant to be good, but I’ve not tried them yet.

    In reality it’s possible to get by without a serger…but I’m going to keep harassing my mother to lend me hers. Wish me luck!

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