Stock update for

As a new pattern seller, honestly we slightly underestimated demand for the amazing sewaholic patterns, and have stocked out of a few lines.  So here’s a quick update of where we are at.

Sewaholic patterns

We are expecting more patterns to arrive next week of the Renfrew, Cambie and Minoru patterns, however we have also had a number of people enquire about them, so we are going to put in another order from Tasia shortly, possibly this weekend.  If you are dying for a Cambie dress pattern, Renfrew, Minoru please email me so I order enough and minimise your wait.

Colette patterns

We’ve also got an order coming from Colette Patterns to restock and expand the patterns we stock. We’re getting Beignet and a few other new ones. Each time we order from Colette Patterns we will add to our product lines, so if there is something you really want, let us know and we’re happy to make that our next addition.

We’re talking to a few pattern designers at the moment, and will be adding more designers soon. It’s time to get some more range into Australia!


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