Actually getting through plenty of UFO’s here

While reading the Readers Digests complete guide to sewing to decide what is going to make my Beginner pattern selection – a steady amount of unfinished projects have been getting finished.  Which is pretty unheard of for any sewist?

The updated Unfinished project list

Alterations to 2 pairs of pants – Done! (no photos, they’re just hems.  That I wore rolled up for 2 years)
Finish Sorbetto muslins – Going to do tomorrow. Really.
Finish cushions – Done!
Lady Grey jacket – going to incorporate into my personal sewing challenge
Quilt for Ben – Done!

Quilt for baby Smith – Basted
Quilt for my mum – still in search of the perfect backing fabric
Quilt for purple – Done!

Cot sized quilt

In addition to that, today I’ve been practising sewing with knit fabrics and different stitches and techniques on some lovely $2 stripy jersey fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg.  Their clearance table is very close to my personal nirvana, although it can definitely be hit and miss.  It’s cheaper to use some crazy patterned discount fabric than lightweight calico.  Perfect for making little baby tights and t-shirts.  While none of them are keepers, making neatly finished edges using this technique from 3 hours past the edge of the world and they came up beautifully.  After some practice.  The RDCGS is pretty silent on this area, although to be fair there has been some cheaty cheaty skim reading.

When it comes to unfinished projects, are all sewers alike?  Do we keep unfinished projects as we’re inspired by new fabrics and patterns and the allure of the old has faded after 6 dates in the sewing room?  Are garment sewers more deadline based due to the seasons?



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