Sewing plan (v1) Just the basics

Thinking long and hard about the skills sewing plan, and this the rough plan for the basics. To mix different fabrics with different styles and different fitting techniques. The catch? To keep going until it looks good. Sound easy? MASSIVE CHALLENGE.  Something is missing, maybe a little denim skirt and some pants?  As beginner pants that would by PJ’s.  Any suggestions for a favourite PJ pattern?

This isn’t going to be word heavy as it’s rather picture heavy.


Heidi and Finn Hoodie with Buttonholes and lining and cuteness

Heidi&Finn cowl dress

A stretch top – the first knit FBA

Probably the boring ones down the bottom, zips and hems to learn! Again. Properly.


The Jenny skirt will be the basic work skirt for combo with Renfrew and Sweetheart

A Crepe in cotton lawn – perhaps in a lisette lawn?

The Peony is going to be a going out and work dress

This flared dress with princess seams. See down the bottom? LEARN TO SEW FOR FUN. That’s what we’re doing. View C – and maybe even with matching headband

Sewaholic Renfrew, View A and C


4 thoughts on “Sewing plan (v1) Just the basics

  1. Jen says:

    Definitely missing pants, especially since its winter. I was going to try to learn to sew stuff for winter, but just going with learning easy stuff now, skirts and maybe a dress. Oh well at least I’ll be ready for spring when it comes.

    • Eventually I want to do the Jeanius class on craftsy, but there’s so much to master before then. My topstitching is mediocre at best. I haven’t yet seen the right pattern for everyday pants. Your patterns went in the post yesterday so hopefully they will keep you busy for a little while!

      • Jen says:

        Ooh I want to do that one too, I’m doing the beginners class at the moment with Diana Rupp, its good to watch all the techniques, but instead of the doing the pencil skirt in the class I’m going to start with the Ginger skirt I got from you 🙂

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