The prudent baby inspired oliver + s up cycled t-shirt dress

Did a little bit of cheating this weekend. Instead of dealing with UFO’s or my beginner sewing plan, there was inspiration from Prudent baby for a upcycled dress. Looking for a little more stability along the chest and back (as bub will still be quite small in summer) I used the Oliver & S popover dress from the magazine SewHip.

The popover dress is marked as intermediate, but in my opinion it’s an amazing beginners pattern. It doesn’t get much easier than this. In cutting it out of a knit I added a little more width at the top and did some gentle gathers which gives it a little interest.

Realizing as a mum some of my old tees make me look like the babysitter, it was time to refashion them.  This black tee had fun pink embroidery of a Unicorn, and even if it makes baby look a little emo I loved that tee.

The binding and neck and back yokes are from an old apron from my bartending days. The sturdy black twill was perfect.  Anything of decent fabric that has outlived it’s use in our house goes into a special drawer of fabric.  The bottom drawer is full of old jeans and dresses.

Now I’m really eyeing everything off to see what I can refashion.  BUT I need to get back on track with my sewing plan.


One thought on “The prudent baby inspired oliver + s up cycled t-shirt dress

  1. I like the unicorn. And that you have a drawer of old jeans and dresses. Here we fight over dead cotton (mostly undies, I suppose, and some t-shirts: the boys want it for their workshop because it’s cotton, I want it to stuff things and make dusters) but anything else is pretty much mine. I either use what’s usable to make lavender bags or spend hours sporadically cutting old clothes into pieces so I can stuff new door sausages and bolsters and the like.

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