The Heidi and Finn hoodie (v.1 and v.2)

One of the items I want more of for myself, which is hoodies! Yes, very couture, but it’s winter here in Melbourne and warm is good. Unfortunately the hoodie pattern is still elluding me, but in the meantime the practice garment is the cute Heidi and Finn hoodie!  So far two hoodies have been made, one in size 6m to 12m, and one 18m  (the one with the pink lining).

The pattern isn’t the most professional looking, however for a beginners pattern it’s a good thing. The directions have colour photos, and for an absolute beginner the lack of technical terms would make this simple. The grainlines aren’t marked, you cut it out in the direction of the ‘stretch’.  I would absolutely recommend this as a learn to sew item.

Heidi and Finn hoodie (image from Heidi and Finn Etsy shop)

However, there are a couple of things I would change. From the picture it looks like a fleece hoodie right? It’s t-shirt material, so if you want to use something with limited stretch you need to cut it a size larger. Which it does say in the instructions, but then you need to omit the cuffs as the arms won’t fit, so really you need a larger size bodice and hood, but to use the smaller lengths. After cutting both sizes, the one that now fits around R’s body is too long and the collar hits her in the face.

While I wouldn’t think a fit issue that’s my fault (for fabric choice) would be worth mentioning- however as it’s a jumper so I expected to use jumper material for warmth.

The only other issue is how you attach the binding down the bottom of the hoodie. The pattern has you sew the lining and fabric together, turn right side, topstitch out THEN attach the band. You end up attaching the band to a bulky enclosed top stitched seam. Why?  The next one (version 3) that I make, we will be skipping some of that. It makes little sense especially if you had an overlocker to use.

My Heidi and Finn hoodie version 1

Side view










This is version 1 of the hoodie, which is a fleece cut in size 6-12m. Little podgy bubba doesn’t fit in it with the limited stretch, so I’ve taken the bottom band off completely and unstitched the topstitching below the buttons. It’s more like a fleece coat now, but it fits.

This is version 2 of the hoodie, same fleece but cut a size larger.

The fit is fine for fabrics with lots of stretch, but a little snug for a fleece. The instructions recommend just cutting a size larger, but the sleeves are then HORRIFICALLY long.
Fleece is lovely and easy to sew. A little bulky on some seams, but the old singer handled it fine. It’s also beautifully easy to cut the pattern on grain correctly if you cut on the right side.
Ahhh, practicing topstitching was a key feature of this pattern and buttonholing. I’ve been using the completely machine method as per the 1980’s Readers digest guide to sewing (pre-fancy pants automatic buttonhole attachments). They came out ok however for the next hoodie I’ll stabilise the buttonholes.
Future learnings
There is a few. Let’s make a list shall we?
1.  I love Heidi and Finn patterns and would love to see these done up a bit more professionally (tech drawings etc) and being available as a paper pattern.
2.  The next one I make will have more stretch and probably fit better.  Fingers crossed!
3.   I’ll rearrange some of the construction steps (I.E. putting the buttonholes in before topstitching is easier).
4.  Small babies don’t like having jumpers being pulled over their heads.  Or maybe just mine.  When she can put her own jumper on there will be 20 of these made.


2 thoughts on “The Heidi and Finn hoodie (v.1 and v.2)

  1. I’d never heard of Heidi and Finn patterns, but I went and looked, and their whole collection is just too cute. Your baby pictures are awfully cute too.

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