The post where I lost my mojo

Do you ever have those days when things don’t go to plan, and you stubbornly persist? Today was one of those days for me. It hasn’t actually stopped being rubbish, I’ve just stopped persisting.

This morning, I cut out LOTS of baby hoodies. 2 outers, 2 linings enough for 2 whole hoodies. I even cut out little triangly things to make one of these lovely little hoodies into a dinosaur. (wtf I hear you say? Just check out the lilasaurus and the original DIYing to be domestic post. Everything was going fairly smoothly at this point. Little hints of trouble started.

1. I ran out of neutral coloured thread. I buy this in vast quantities, and thus run out about once a year. Fine, put 2 secret projects aside.

2. Both my rotary cutters had dull blades. Ugggggggh.

3. When cutting out the planned outers of the hoodies, I was using up remnants from other garments, and had just not enough to use as the outers. Fine. These can lining instead, and I can substitute certain parts with other fabric (so my bulk jersey planned for the inside, ends up as my outer fabric and some bits of my inner fabric).20120619-163517.jpg

Stop for lunch/errands. This is when the day really went sour.

4. Start sewing and bobbin runs out. Rethread bobbins.

5. Realise I’ve got the wrong needle in and all my seams look nasty. Swap needle.

6. Somehow manage to sew my fabric into and under my throat plate, lifting it out of the machine. remove needle, cut fabric out (it was STUCK) and reset everthing.

7. Find a small mountain of lint. Stop and clean out all the lint.

8. Realise I’ve sewn the two front pieces onto different sides of the back.


10. Have small, very mature tantrum and pack up for the day.

All very small tiny problems, but when your brain just won’t cooperate sometimes it’s just time to pack up and change activities.  Tomorrow will be better. And if not tomorrow, maybe the next day.  Do you just push through?


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