Colours versus prints

Does sewing make your wardrobe more adventurous? Do you buy the crazy prints that you can’t get in RTW clothes? Or do you buy fabrics in plain colours to avoid matching stripes and plaids?

I’ve always found my garment stash grows with fabric I will never wear, as beginning my sewing by quilting I pick pretty prints with no reference to wearability.  This was a new look skirt.  I’ve worn it approximately twice.  EVER.  Which is marginally more than the red twill version which draped horribly.

Not the best print for a skirt…

Thinking about what I actually wear, it’s almost exclusively solid colours for separates, and dresses is subtle prints. Spotlight has some cute vintage reproduction prints in at the moment, and I almost went crazy. However, with returning to work soon (did I mention that? Bubs started childcare orientation today and I’m back to work in 3 weeks now) I really want to get a few Renfrews made as a nice warm work staple. SewBrunswick had a well timed post this morning about Rathdowne Fabrics and it’s time to go get me some of that knitwear!

Not that I don’t have enough fabric – but here’s a cheeky peek at my fabric stash. There used to be plenty more but that’s a story for another day. Most of the fabric is kept in an op shop find set of drawers, with each drawer dedicated to one type of fabric. Quilting, garment, or garments to be upcycled/japanese kimono fabric. Behind the door is doona’s and sheets from the local op shop to use as muslins! The plastic container is from my nesting phase…all my scraps are carefully organised in there. Since then my offcuts have been shoved into a old giant dog food container. It sits next to the sewing machine as I know if it’s not there, I’ll just store them on the floor…..

And yes…I’ve got plans for most of that stash…


One thought on “Colours versus prints

  1. I find not nearly enough stripes in my fabric purchases. Maybe they just don’t look that exciting on the bolt, but I’ve seen some awesome things done with sewing stripes that makes me think I need to focus on finding more stripy fabric. I do think I tend to make more colored clothing and use more prints when I sew than when I buy ready-to-wear, but I think that is because there is a greater varietey in fabric and the ability to make it up however I like. I can’t think how many times I’ve walked through a store and said “I want that print, but on that other dress”, and it usually ends in my buying something in basic black. The other factor I think influences a greater use of color in sewing is that clothing in stores tends to go in cycles as far as what color is “in” and if I don’t happen to like the “in” colors or the trendy prints (I look absolutely ill in tangerine tango), I’ll buy black instead (default color, not because it looks that great when I wear it, just better than orange). With fabric, very often its either been stashed by myself or someone else for years, so it might be all the good colors from past years, but able to be made up in a style that eliminates the awkward feelings from that era (giant shoulder pads anyone?)

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