Friday Five – almost failproof internet recipes

I am, unreservedly a terrible cook. How terrible? I once made my poor husband penne, with cooked chicken, with canned mushroom soup poured over the top. It would have been ok if I hadn’t of made the condensed soup into actual soup. So when I say these are almost fail proof recipes, it means I can cook them and they taste AMAZING. This blog post FYI has nothing to do with sewing, but for being able to swap cooking time for sewing time. Epic Win.

What makes a good recipe? No crazy ingredients, it doesn’t take a million bowls, and it is almost failproof.

Apple pie

This is an easy apple pie, especially when you use store bought pastry. I like to mix it up with 4 green and 4 red apples. It probably doesn’t make a difference to the taste but it makes the peeling more adventurous.

One pot bread

I love freshly made bread, and was baking my own with kneading before. THIS IS FREAKING DELICIOUS. It actually is made in one pot, with no kneading. It’s looks super fancy if you have friends over for lunch, bit of homemade soup, and oh, there’s the bread. Fresh out of the oven. Martha Stewart eat your heart out. I’d love to try this with a sourdough.

Banana cake

I like to think of this as a one blender recipe. Aside from mushing the bananas and measuring out the milk, I manage to make this whole thing in the blender. So really a one bowl one blender cake.


These are also very tasty, and are my husbands favourite thing. It makes SO many cookies it’s not even funny though, and my largest mixing bowl barely contains all the ingredients. It did take me half an hour to in the supermarket madly googling, but vegetable shortening is Copha here, and it lives next to the butter. How I got to 26 before I learnt that is beyond me. And my mother.

Potato and leek soup

Freaking delicious. Just add in more potatoes for a thicker soup. Try this with the bread.




7 thoughts on “Friday Five – almost failproof internet recipes

  1. Jen says:

    I’m going to try the bread, I cook quite alot of my own bread, but haven’t tried this pot thing yet because….. i’m not really sure. So will definitely have to try it, thanks for the link, sarah!

    • I didn’t believe how easy it was. It probably not as tasty as a bread with sugar and bread improver, but it’s still miles ahead of store bread! I’ve got some rising at the moment.

  2. G’day! I popped over from the Accidental Housewives link love party! Love the bread idea – I’m definitely going to try it over the weekend. Great blog – and I’m always up for making apple peeling just a little bit more adventurous! 🙂 Becc

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