Don’t pin it, do it

Pintrest is the procrastinators heaven and hell all in one.  Look how super organised you are, everything you want to do is pinned in this super convenient place!  How often have you made something from your pinboard? (is that even what it’s called?)

I have not and will not join Pintrest.  It’s a fantastic idea, but it’s crack to a chronic procrastinator.  Thinking about pintrest and to-do lists is another post for another day, but as I prepare to re-enter the workforce I’m really cracking into the dream things to do around the house/garden/sewing room.   This post is about what I have done.

After seeing this countless times on the internet, I was inspired by a fellow sewer who had painter her freezer in chalkboard paint. Knowing the risk of having a primed but unfinished fridge in the kitchen…we went for a chalkboard decal in a roll. It’s 45cm by 200cm and so naturally I bought 2 rolls. After covering the freezer, and labelling all my jars in an OCD fashion there’s still 3 metres left. The whole thing took 30 minutes of googling and buying on ebay, 2 days of waiting for it to arrive, 5 minutes to clean the fridge and 5 minutes to roll it out. The stuff reminds me of contact paper that you cover school books with.

If you’re lured by the pretty boxes and pre-cut shapes on Etsy, just buy a roll and cut it yourself. The underside paper has tiny grid lines so you could easily cut squares/rectangles out of the roll and still have heaps left.

It’s pretty fun and we keep drawing silly pictures, but now what to do with the last 3 metres? At the moment it’s a toss up between chalkboard areas in my sewing room (for “ideas”) or cutting out the shapes of eyore, tigger and pooh bear for the nursery? Any other suggestions?


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