New look skirt 6969

In addition to my recent Renfrew-itis, the beginner sewing plan is still on track.  Part of the track was a simple skirt, and New look 6969 was our lucky contender.  The red circle skirt was part of a very kind gift of a GIANT box of fabric from my grandmother.  This box had some seriously gorgeous fabric in it, and was the BEST KIND OF SURPRISE for a sewer.  The usual sewing surprise I get is my needle snapping and it not hitting me in the eye.

Unusually, I made a muslin.  I recently signed up for Susan Khalje’s the Couture Dress class with Craftsy, and have been trying to do more muslins.  Tragically I haven’t been able to source dressmakers carbon paper in Australia larger than A4.  And that is a PAIN.  I might try and import some, would anyone be interested in buying it?  Who knows.  If not I can be greedy and use it all myself.

Based on my muslin, the fit is pretty good straight out of the packet.  The only thing I altered was the length, for some reason New Look pattern Co are trying to make me look 80.  Or I have short legs.  It’s difficult to say.

The biggest thing I learnt from this muslin?  I should probably line the skirt, and possibly tack the front pleats to the lining.  Not down flat, but at the inside crease.  I’m going to wear it with the lining for a day and see how it falls, if the pleats don’t sit properly drastic action will be taken, even at the cost of walking with a long stride.

It’s a simple pattern, but I am determined the finish will be RTW, and if not RTW then I will claim couture.  Fair?


6 thoughts on “New look skirt 6969

  1. Absolutely fair I say! I’d definitely consider buying the paper. First I’m going to ask our gallery curator if or where you can source that sort of stuff in Australia. She’s genius for that.

    • I’ve been reading couture sewing by Claire schaeffer and it’s interesting the finish on the inside is never as ‘neat’ as RTW. Often they seem to be interlined and not lined, and all the working of the garment are on show, and seams are sewing flat onto the interlining.

      Creates a beautiful finished garment but looks very different to what I expected.

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