A few days off..

It’s time to focus….I have a top secret assignment for a top secret arrival….but look what I borrowed!!! My lovely mother has serviced her overlocker and lent it to me. Actually it was a pretty good trade, I dropped the baby off for babysitting and took home an overlocker. Fair trade?

I’ve been reading the manual, but so far it seems that until I get to play with threading it a mystery it shall remain. The big to do thing is to buy some thread spools, does anyone have a brand recommendation?

Anyway, before I can play with the overlocker I have a gift that must be completed in the next week, so I’m off to sew that before anything else – even on my new toy.


6 thoughts on “A few days off..

  1. Swapping a baby for an overlocker??? I bet you both thought you had the best side of that deal šŸ™‚ Over the years I’ve bought both the overlocker spools and more recently also the smaller Birch 500m ($1.30) sewing threads – these are now my preference as I can justify the expense of 4-5 of those compared to the big ones ($5+ each) and I still have some of the huge ones left from 19 years ago, so going through them too quickly has not been an issue! A while ago I had some real tension issues with a project and decided it was the supercheap no-name thread I bought in a previous life – very thin yet erratic in thickness. Good luck with your secret project and making friends with your overlocker.

    • Oh brilliant! I’ll give the smaller ones a go- might start with black and white to begin with. Yeah, my mum was pretty thrilled with the swap:)

  2. very good trade!! šŸ™‚ I don’t have any thread brand to recommend, but I do advise you to just jump in and start threading… One you’ve done it a few times, it should no longer be a problem. I find it does take a few minutes on mine (Pfaff Hobbylock 2) but it’s always worth having a good match than looking remorsefuly at a finished garment with the wrong overlocking thread, sigh..

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