New Look 6969 skirt

Finally, the new look 6969 skirt is complete!  It’s first showing was at work on Friday, even considering it was a) cold, and b) FREEZING.  Waiting for a warm melbourne Friday could take a year.  It’s pretty comfortably to wear, but perhaps not the most flattering cut.  It’s taken quite a long time to put together as it was done in micro stages, whenever I could sneak off to sew for a few minutes.  In my excitement to wear it to work Friday, the closure on the waistband might have been a safety pin.

Overall, it’s not a pattern I love.  I bought it as it was quite *fashionable* at the time.


Aside from New Look trying to make me look like an old lady with a long long skirt, I liked the fit.  The darts sit nicely at the back, and the pleated front sits comfortably.  I think I sliced about 3″ off the hem, and then had 2″ folded under.


For the main fabric I used some gifted fabric from my grandmother, it’s a woven synthetic fibre with no stretch.  Very easy to sew, but also a little transparent in the light, so I lined it with white cotton also gifted.  The lining doesn’t have as much drape as the main fabric, but it gives it a bit of body without sitting too stiffly.  I also used some sew in interfacing for the waistband.


I made a few tiny variations, I added a lining to the pattern and so the back I sewed the lining and main fabric darts together, then let the lining hang free, and did the same for the pleats at the front.  The lining is bias bound on the hem in red, for a little bit of interesting detail if I accidentally show some leg, and what I like the most is the hand hemmed main fabric.  I tried a different technique to usual and it was remarkably fast.  All the seams are pinked neatly, and the side zipper is…I honestly can’t remember.  It’s inserted either way, but Not Very Well.  It’s sewn in a little short from the waistband so the zipper pull is about a cm from the waistband.

pinked seams, bias bound lining

Future lessons

Next time I make this skirt (if I do…I like it but it’s not top of the pops for me) I will shorten the hem on the pattern before cutting it, there were huge strips of fabric that were wasted.  It’s time to realise I’m not 6 foot tall, so this is going to be the start of the pattern adjustments I know need to be made immediately before tweaking the fit.

Any recommendations for a favourite summer skirt?  I’m going to try Megan Nielsens Kelly skirt before summer.  I’ve bookmarked some of my favourite versions shown on Sew Busy Lizzy, True Bias and Four Square Walls.


14 thoughts on “New Look 6969 skirt

  1. I like the fabric …fun for summer and i like the style of skirt…flattering on you! Good job!
    I’ve just finished wiksten’s tulip skirt … didn’t do a lining which i wish i did as will be sheer in the sun! ugh . have to take pics but as you say, waiting for the warmer weather here in Melbourne could take a year!! 🙂

      • Hmm i suppose i could but not right now! that’s the last thing i want to do – unpick…hate it. I should do it though. I’ve spent the last few days trying to sew a hat for my 4 yr old…. two hats and they don’t fit. grr .

  2. the print of the fabric is really nice! I love your idea of bias binding the lining in a different colour, that’s very clever 🙂 I haven’t found a summer skirt pattern that I truly love and would recommend yet so I’m not very helpful!

    • I was originally going to use the binding on the main fabric, but I thought it could be a little more fun this way 🙂 What are you sewing up at the moment?

    • I was generally feeling like a bit of a twat taking the pictures…and swotting the cat away from the camera on the tripod too!

      Haha, it’s your “renfrew of skirts”. It does look lovely…I need to find that kind of pattern. My favourite skirt at the moment is a Cue one, I’m trying to find the best pattern comparison.

      • If you want to try on one of mine to see if you like it you’re more than welcome – you can use the “pattern” if you want (and by use the pattern I mean I can show you how to draft your own, it’s super simple and you can use mine as a guide). I might make a new one this summer actually, haven’t had a new one in a while.

  3. I love the Kelly skirt and am about to start a new one. I’m also going to make another Vogue 1247 skirt. As a mother the value of huge deep pockets cannot be overestimated!!
    Have you ever made the Sewaholic Crescent skirt? That’s the only Sewaholic pattern I don’t own!
    I love your fabric BTW – good on Granny!

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