Crazy times, but always more fabric

You know the weeks that pass by as a blur, and when catching your breath you can’t believe so much has happened?  Combine that with a ‘how has it been a year already?’ realisations and here we are.

In fact it’s been both our birthdays this week, so I was also spoilt with a stash building present, with spools of gutermann thread AND a spotlight voucher.  How spoilt am I? My mum is great for giving me these sewing packs as presents, and is always really practical with thread/needles/sewing machine feet etc.

I’d hoped to find the time to sew a birthday dress for each of us, but alas, that was never going to happen.  Not if I get the idea to do it the week before the party.  

To top off a crazy party filled week, we trekked into our local ikea for the bits and bobs we needed (it’s funny how many things you NEED from the market hall) and found a fabric remnant for $8.  It’s 5 meters long! Any ideas for what to use it for?

Time for bed, we’ve got a cambie to sew tomorrow.  Not much news here until that is finished, but until then, cake anyone?


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