The Renfrew that didn’t work

After so many successful Renfrews, I was bitterly disappointed with this one, a mixed ponte.  It possibly was doomed from the start, and I never wanted to admit it.

The fabric was a last minute grab from the Remnants table at Tessuti.  It’s a beautiful ponte, and very much a stable knit.  So stable that it doesn’t stretch and give like I need it to.  The Renfrew pattern is fine for larger busts with grading, but I found this was so stable I needed to have done a FBA so it would sit properly around the armscye.

The purple had a fault running down the grain, which I didn’t notice but until after I greedily cut out my pattern, and the fault ran through both sleeves and the waistband.  What to do?  Mix up the colours of course *slaps head*.   This would have worked better if the neck line was also in black.  But it’s not.  Because I bought just enough black ponte to eek out sleeves and a waistband, and did not have enough for the neckline.

I also lengthened the waist, which works with a more stretchy knit, but this just shows that a swayback adjustment is probably in order.  Especially with the back lengthened to cover le bum.

Now what to do with it?  It’s my most expensive Renfrew made, and I detest it.  So far I’ve come up with two ideas, one being to cut it up and try and salvage the fabric for something for the baby, and the other idea is to try and fix it somehow?  The mixed colours work when I lift my arms like a raglan top.  Maybe if I trim out the excess around the tummy a little it might be ok?

OR….could I trim it at the waist and add a black skirt?  What do you think?


14 thoughts on “The Renfrew that didn’t work

  1. punkmik says:

    oh it is a shame that you are not happy with it. if you think you will wear it by adding a skirt I would do that! I quite like the contrasting sleeves! i have never made the renfrew yet, but I like your versions, so may give it a go 🙂

  2. I think it’s cute! It’s certainly a lovely colour.

    Have you ever unpicked a seam on knits? It’s hell. I recently remade a nightdress that I’d sewn, which my partner and I had affectionately taken to calling The Sack (tells you everything about the dress, really). I started out with the seam ripper but just ended up cutting the seams out. But I am kinda impatient.

    Although ponti might be one of the knits that it is not so annoying to seam rip.

  3. Oh bummer. I do love the purple and black together. If you added a black skirt then I think that would look really funky! I hate when things don’t work out…. I’m going through that at the moment and really need some sort of quick fix to recover my motivation!!!

  4. Rats…it’s a great colour combo…I too need to add an FBA on my next versions….makes all the difference. A wild idea…cut it down the centre and add a strip of fabric….to increase bust room slightly.?

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