Guess how much I love you quilt

One finished baby quilt! This star of the sea quilt surely was a labour of love, although significantly less than the lovely babys mama underwent.

This quilt was for the little bubba of my dear friends Kate and Phil, who I’ve known for years. When I first moved out of home I moved in with Kate (a stranger) and another friend. Two years later we were still living together and Kate’s drunken uni buddy moved in as well (after living on our couch for a good year). Fast forward many boxes of lager to 2010, and I was so fortunate to be their bridesmaid at their wedding. So here is I think my favourite and most special quilt, for their baby.

This quilt has some history, and I actually started making it in 2005 when we were still living together in drunken uni revelry. The panel was hunted down and is from eBay, from a lady on eBay uk. It’s from the childhood book “guess how much I love you” by Sam Brady. If you haven’t read this book, it tells the tale of little nutbrown hare trying to explain to his father just how much he loves him. It’s one of my favourite children’s books.

hand quilter leaf

This quilt has been slowly worked on over the years, getting it closer to completion, but each time my husband would suggest someone to give it to, it didn’t feel right. Not until this little girl. Do you ever get that feeling?

The design is star of the sea which was inspired from an edition of down under quilts. The real tragedy of this quilt is its the third I ever started, and I tried foundation piecing- and made some terrible noob mistakes. The foundation blocks are made from iron on interfacing. I had to manually cut out the interfacing on EVERY BLOCK after the quilt was assembled. I didn’t prewash the fabric. I wasn’t careful enough and some corners didn’t meet.

The back is bright and still gender neutral, but broken up with the panel in the middle. All the quilt is hand quilted in the diamonds and big squares with different coloured threads. Now, if you’re thinking “wow, hand quilted- that must have taken AGES…” it did not take as long as cutting out interfacing. So if you want to try paper piecing, use this lovely tutorial, I wish I had!


11 thoughts on “Guess how much I love you quilt

  1. What a gorgeous story. Funnily enough I also made the storm-at-sea block for a friend’s baby quilt. I did an under-the-sea theme and had a border filled with fish, starfish, an octopus etc. I also foundation pieced the storm-at-sea blocks – courtesy of the knowledge gained as a few years as a craft editor!
    This is just lovely – and I also love that book. I also love ‘Kiss Kiss’… and our all time favourite in the house was ‘What Colour are Your Knickers’ but that would prehaps be unsuitable as a quilt theme…

      • Absolutely! The knickers book was such a hit at preschool they bought several copies of it and did two weeks of craft activities – the place was festooned with bloomers.
        I’m a huge Lola & Charlie fan, they are funny books and great fun to read!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the fact that it finally found its rightful home! And on the story of epic kids books may I suggest “The Story of Growl” by Judy Horacek. Simply. Awesome.

  3. Awesome work and I can see this would’ve been such a big labour of love! But of course it would be loved and treasured forever so makes it worthwhile. Quilts are such hard work though….

  4. Carmela Tedrick says:

    My son was a miracle child as I was told I could not have any children. He is 21 and his gf is expecting their first child. I so want to find a quilt or blanket like this one but there aren’t any..Is there anybody out there who knows where I can find something like this one..Guess how much I love you, means so much to me. my email is

    • I’ll keep a look out for you πŸ™‚ I bought it from ebay uk almost 10 years ago, hopefully someone will be destashing and post one online. You could alway email the publishers and see who had fabric printing rights?

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