Social sewing recap Melbourne sewing

Saturday was the first social sewing day at GJ’s discount fabric store, and hopefully it will be the first of many!  Sadly after remembering my camera, I forgot to take photos of us all busily working (and gossiping about fabric/patterns), but Rachel did manage to get some photos so check out her post and photos here.

Firstly I’d like to apologize to the ladies for being a little Tired and Grumpy.  Little Miss has been sick with an ear infection and conjunctivitis, so without copious amounts of caffeine at very regular intervals…..anyway….

It was really interesting seeing what everyone was working on, burda dresses to Hazel, to freddy vests, and yes – plenty of Cambies.  3 of us were planning of on making Peony muslins, but 6-7 hours of sewing just disappears!  It turns out most of us were overly optimistic about how much sewing we could achieve, except Kat who admitted she was there to chat and any sewing was incidental!

My task for the day was to cut and sew up two linings of my cambies, which I will hopefully have ready to wear (and blog) over the next few weeks.  I actually managed to get that done AND start attaching them to the fashion fabrics.  Finally found my Singer zipper foot, which would have been easier if I remembered what it looked like.

If you are interested in a fun day out, with sewing enthusiasts please do come along.  Rachel has organised another two dates, and we really are a friendly lot!  If you’re a beginner don’t feel discouraged, this is EXACTLY where you should be. Be warned though, if you’re a non-blogger we will pester you to start one so we can follow your makes!


8 thoughts on “Social sewing recap Melbourne sewing

  1. Huh? Aren’t mothers of little ones ALWAYS tired and grumpy?! teeheehee.
    Ok, these sewing meet ups are sounding sooo tempting and fun….. I’ve gotta organise a day out and go on the looooooooooooooooooong trek north to join in methinks. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day was had by all! I’d thought about joining in virtually and then a friend suggested a crafternoon – so we had our own social sewing 500kms to the south 🙂

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