Oliver and S Patterns

Anyone else in love with the new patterns released by Oliver and S? I’m in love with the Field trip cargo pants, and think they will be great stash busters as they have quilting cottons in mind for the pants.  While I didn’t take part in kids clothing week, I did finish up 5 little frog raglan tops.  I initially just bought the pattern for the pants, BUT GOSH I LOVE THIS TEE.  Seriously, if Oliver and S packaged up the tee in sizes 12m to 8yrs (instead of two size ranges for the top and pants combo) I would pay the $15 for the tee pattern alone.


Ages ago I mentioned how there weren’t many ‘everyday’ patterns but this certainly fits this profile. Unisex and simple to sew, these are the best kids pants, also as with the separate knee areas you can reinforce that section of the pants, without the bulk.  I’ve omitted the pocket on all the t-shirts, as to be honest it’s a cute detail but a time consuming one.  It’s all about the production line around here at the moment.  Cutting and sewing 5 at a time is much faster.

Oliver and S Field trip raglan top and pants

These are sized 12-18m for our best bud B, and are suitably manly.  I bought the pattern with the intention of bulk sewing lots of new clothes for his birthday, and while I’ve been a bit naughty and only made the t-shirt so far I do have 3 pairs of pants cut out ready to sew.  Any day now.  So B has 4 froggy shirts, and R has the one where I accidentally snipped a notch too deep around the neckline.  One day, I’ll get a picture of them all matchy matchy.  These two are a week apart, and they most certainly have an arranged marriage.


Oliver and S Field trip cargo pants and raglan t-shirt.  I love Oliver and S patterns, and they are worth every dollar.  The t-shirt is super fast to cut and whip up, and I’ll be making lots of these in the future.  As an electronic pattern, it’s great as I’ll just re-print each time I need to cut out a new bigger size as the kids grow.  For the time it takes, I can make B and R lots of matching tops probably faster than going and shopping for them (for those sans kids – it can take ages to go anywhere let along achieve anything).  I’m tempted to try a raglan tee pattern for me now!


The frog knit is from the local op shop, it’s quite good quality as far as I can tell and was $4 for 2 metres.  I’ve only used about half of it so far, so I’ll probably whip up another 5 as they will be great shirts for daycare.  The sleeves are a japanese knit from Spotlight, at $15 a metre it was disappointing to see the edges curling up after a wash.  Still, it was beautiful to sew.


These were cut out using a rotary cutter and mat, which makes cutting out knits a breeze.  The key is having a new sharp blade, as any snags will pull the fabric out off grain.  All the seams were done on the overlockers, which again made it SO FAST.  I sewed all 5 up in a after work quick session.  The sleeves and waist finish were done with a twin needle on my sewing machine.  It’s interesting how daunting these concepts were to me a few short months ago, and now I can’t imagine ever not using it.  Twin needles are SO easy.  If you aren’t sure people, buy a twin needle off the internet, and just TRY.  I might do a complete post about this at a later stage.


Right, I have accepted the fact my bag has a large melon and skinny little limbs. Next time on all patterns, I’m cutting at least the next size up for the neckline, and maybe grade down a size for her skinny little arms and belly.  Funny shaped baby.  I’ll have to see what the fit is like for B, he looks like model size.

Any suggestions on how to get better photos of wriggly babies by the way?



9 thoughts on “Oliver and S Patterns

  1. Awwwww what a cutie, he’s gorgeous.Re photos: depending on how stable your tripod is and how heavy your camera is (I wouldn’t use a non-pro one for this) I’d set the tripod up above his floor mat/ roving area with the camera pointing down and set up 20-30 high shutter speed shots. Or kidnap Anne Geddes if you’re into that. Personally I prefer babies in cute baby clothing rahter than dressed up as teapots and other inanimate objects.. Cats on the other hand…

    • Thank, I might have to try that. What is it about cat photos? When I was a kid I used to put all our cats into dolls clothes and take photos of them. If only I’d put those pictures on the internet…..

      Maybe I could corner the sewing clothes for cats market on the internet….

      • Totally XD. And the more pissed off it looks wearing whatever it’s been forced into, the better XD I love when the big angry looking ones are dressed up as miss muffet or whatever XDXD

  2. I was checking out this pattern yesterday so I’m really glad to see some versions made up. The frog print is so cute! Looking forward to seeing the cargos.

    • Sarah says:

      I started pressing the pockets yesterday, and I might omit the cargo pocket. The tee is just so easy, this kid will only ever wear frogs it seems!

  3. Very nice! I was almost tempted to buy an O&S digital print last week before KCWC but instead bought a pattern from Burda for me. hehe. I know I will cave in soon enough and buy way too many!
    Hmm… my advice is to have the camera on that movement setting (that one for sports?) or have that setting where you hold the shutter down and it just takes pics over and over. You’re BOUND to get one good one at least! 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      Oh good idea. She’s just so wriggly. I think a remote might help as well, so I can distract her and not hold the camera…

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