The postcards and patterns wrap up

Just a quick note today, as the Patterns and Postcards Swap draws to a close, My swap partners and I have sucessfully swapped our patterns, going global and local. I’ve got some gorgeous gems, and now just need to find the fabric (and the time) to sew them up!

Have a look at these beauties!

This one is going to be a perfect summer dress, it’s designed for knits so should be very comfortable. I’m going to make view D, but maybe not with the collar. It seems, well a little large. Don’t get me wrong, I fancy a nice collar but then there is just excessive. One suggested fabric is knitted panne velvet. I’m thinking jersey.

20121011-084048.jpgThis gem was also thrown in the mix, and again I’m thinking a lightweight summer house dress, but I might add in some back darts for a little less ‘tent’ . I’m hoping my legs will look just like this picture in the dress.


How gorgeous is this repro? See the girl in the black? I want her dress. Failing that I’m going to have the yellow one in a grey linen for work. It would look gorgeous in the mustard linen that everyone seems to be getting from tessuti.20121011-214606.jpg

This lovely cape is perfect and refined, and I can’t decide if I should make a black one to go with my ball gowns, or a more fun one to wear to work. Can I pull off a cape on the morning commute? And if so, should it be RED WOOL? What do you think? (Oh, and yes, I do go to one or two very formal events a year, and they are always mid-winter)

20121011-214630.jpgThis is possibly my favourite, yet I can’t make it for another, oh 6-7 years. HOW AWESOME IS IT? Wish it was my size.  For all those people who come looking here to find a squirrel costume to sew..maybe this is the pattern for you?20121011-214651.jpg

If you would like to check out the blogs of my very lovely swap partners, here they are.  Such kind people, with obviously excellent taste in patterns!



And Amanda


4 thoughts on “The postcards and patterns wrap up

  1. With regards to commuting with a cape – one thing to consider is if you have a bag on your commute? Bags that usually sit on your shoulder aren’t usually all that compatible with capes. If you don’t, i wholeheartedly support the idea! Particularly in Red!

  2. Aw so glad you like the patterns! I see the cape in a red wool for sure! Funny with the kids costumes, I thought they were hilarious but I knew the right person would love them & give them a good home! Glad it was you! ^_^

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