Refashioned top from a dress

This dress was a hot favourite of mine for summer, but I had an incident.  With a hot wash.  That went unnoticed until after arriving at work.  In a very short dress.  Yikes.

It’s gone unworn for probably two years but no longer!  This is a quick post, as it was such a quick fix to make it a wearable top.  The details that made this dress so adorable are luckily all bodice details, like the keyhole back, gathered sleeves and cute bust shaping.  The only downside is I kind of look like someone has vommed butterflies on me.  There are worse problems to have.

Step 1.  Put dress on.
Step 2.  Mark new hemline
Step 3.  Cut one inch under hemline
Step 4.  Overlock hemline
Step 5. Press up one inch
Step 6.  Sew down.

I’m going to head off on a short holiday, so I might hand the baton over to a fabulous guest here later in the week.  What do you think?  Got anything in your wardrobe that could be easily revived?


9 thoughts on “Refashioned top from a dress

  1. Oh well done, great save of a short dress! Am trying to think what is in my wardrobe that I could save like that….. am drawing a blank…. I suppose I just pass things on instead of thinking of ways to refashion….

  2. Oh I’m in the middle of refashioning a short shirt dress to a long top. I’ve never done it before but it’s a great way to keep well loved items.

  3. Loving this- especially the keyhole feature at the back! I totes have a rescue project in my wardrobe. I have an epic Peony from when I first started sewing that I’m just not loving the fit of. I think I’m going to turn it into one of my epic Burda work skirts and pair it with a white top and use the red cummerbund from the Peony. Bringing the styles together- what can I say? I’m a Libra 😉

  4. great save! before i buy any new fabric, i need to just go through my closet. i have a couple dresses that are a tad to short for work, but if i shortened them into a top they would be great with pants

  5. lloubb says:

    Nice save! I recently did the opposite of this, taking a dress whose bodice I didn’t like and changing it to a skirt only!

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