The work cambie

Hi everyone, I’m back from holiday by now, but probably having a nap.  Unfortunately my third guest blogger fell through, so instead, say hello to the THIRD CAMBIE.  Way better anyway right?

Is it obvious I can’t get enough of the cambie dress?  This is my third version, and it’s the straight neckline corporate version.  There isn’t much left to say, but even after making a few I was amazed at how well this came out.  I LOVE this dress.


The suiting is from Tessuti, and was only $20 per metre, and I think I cut this out of 1.5metres.  It’s impossible to see, but there is a tiny pin stripe on the fabric which makes it not boring.  Or at least as not boring as corporate wear can get.  The lining was black bemsilk, and was $5 per metre.  All up it probably cost about $40, which for a very professional dress, it’s a very reasonable cost.


It’s a straight size ten, with the straps shortened by 2 inches.  The hemline has also been brought up by approximately 2 inches.  I need  one of these like poppykettle though for my hem marking!  At the time of the photo the hem had been serged, but needed catchstitching and pressing up – but I’m on holiday and not at work….so procrastination rules right?  It can wait until the night before I go back….


I modified the neckline like Tasia’s tutorial, and my new favourite technique of prickstitching.  Nothing too new or exciting, it’s definitely time for a new challenge.   This is going to be the last cambie around these parts for awhile.

Future learnings

Gosh, to pay attention to cutting out pattern modifications.  I cut the lining with a sweetheart neckline, then had to recut another bodice after packing everything up.  Very, very irritating.  I need to be putting post-its onto the pattern when modifying to remember to make that change again.

So that’s three days of the week covered off, maybe a Peony for another 2?


10 thoughts on “The work cambie

  1. Thanks for sharing your cutting mishap – it makes me feel better about the last t-shirt i cut – i cut two identical sleeves rather than two mirrored sleeves (as i was cutting it all single layered rather than two layers). I have now written in very large capital letters “CUT ONE UPSIDE DOWN” on my pattern piece!

  2. Noone needs me to say it – but heck – I love it! Great work conversion!
    I think you might have received an order from my sister-in-law who purchased my upcomign birthday present! I’ve been ‘helpful’ this year and created a page on my blog with links to your site 🙂 I’ve had feedback to that people are loving finding you and your indie pattern supply service. Hooray for Sew Squirrel!

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