Christmas at the Nicholas Building

For all the Melbourne bloggers and sewists – once a year the Nicholas Building throws open it’s doors and host a christmas market.  With buttons, haberdashery and all trims you could dream of, it is the antithesis to spotlight (not that I don’t love a good cotton sateen from my local spotty).

If anyone is interested, I’ll be heading there on Thursday the 29th of November, at 6pm if you want to catch up and have a potter around 🙂  I’ll loiter out the front near the subway.  If you’re interested, RSVP!  Social sewers I’m looking at you!

Here’s the  details if you want to check it out on your own…

November 29 – December 1st
Thurs & Fri 10am – 8pm   Sat 10am – 5pm
37 Swanston Street, enter via Cathedral Arcade.
And here are some of the amazing places within to tempt.. (hand dyed thread…vintage ribbon) (buttons…and more buttons…) (japanese fabric)

14 thoughts on “Christmas at the Nicholas Building

  1. Umm… totally!!! I will do my absolute utmost to get there. I may even side swipe a few people on the carpark that is the Monash Freeway in order to get there in time. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Heather says:

    Hi Sarah, not sure if you will read this, but wanted to let you know I can’t make it after all tonight. Something has come up at work, so I just wanted to let you know not to wait around for me. Hope you have a great night

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