The case of the artists building and the missing murder

A Christmas market! In an artists building? Perfect!

Or not. It appears, like in a murder mystery a victim is required, a Christmas market needs a market.  We bravely climbed the stairs in 39 degree weather, and greatly enjoyed l’ucello and kimono house, but sadly Harvey’s tailoring supplies has shut down, button mania was closed as was Maria George trims.  And bam.  That was is.  While it was a bit of a let down, it’s always good fun to have a poke around l’ucello especially with all the liberty fabric.  I nearly walked out with most the shop, but it was almost paralysing with so much gorgeous stuff.

A big thankyou to the lovely ladies who came, and I’m sorry for departing so early. Oh, did I buy anything? Of COURSE I did!

This dear little chap needs a name. Any suggestions?


*P.S. I’m sorry I’ve just disappeared for a little bit.  Like all people, life happens and with new patterns released (Hello Cordova, Washi and Briar and heaps of new Jalie patterns), day job work being busy, christmas and all that, my sewjo has been in the negative.  It’s coming back though!

**P.P.S I lied a little.  I haven’t gotten anything ready for Christmas, and only actually worked out where we are going for Christmas day, today.

***P.P.S I’ve missed you internets.


3 thoughts on “The case of the artists building and the missing murder

  1. Things have been a bit quite here too. It is a busy time of year, and I decided I need to prioritise sleep (over late night sewing) to stay sane. I’ve also spent precious sewing time this week cleaning-up my sewing and machine knitting space. My crafting space is also the spare room and we were expecting overnight guests! A tidy room is surprising very satisfying 🙂

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