My sewing space

After reading Andrea’s sewing room tour here, I must admit I also love seeing inside other peoples sewing spaces, so here is a little peek at mine.  It desperately needs a bit of renovation love, we pulled up the old carpet and the previous owner had painted on the floor 😦

I’m very lucky that I have a whole room for my sewing, (albeit one container of cat food).  This used to be the master bedroom, but after some bad storms this room got some damage on the interior from leaks which is yet to be repaired.  My freshly painted sewing room became the master bedroom, and I’ve moved down here before we renovate.  Which also probably means I have the only sewing space with an ensuite…

The cubpoards hold some of our winter clothes, but mainly baby stuff R has grown out of.  One year, four large containers.   Our home brew kit also lives there.  The middle sections hold patterns, my garment stash, quilting machine and LOTS of odds and sods.

Sewing hidyhole

This side has my ironing board which stays up permanently, a design board and also my quilting rulers live on the wall.  Having large supplies easy to access is great, as I’m forever losing rulers under things, behind things, in ‘safe places’.

ironing board

My sewing table is pretty self explanatory, I have a large cutting mat to the left for pinning  trimming and small cutting.  I leave the overlocker there when needed, or stash it under the table.  The singer sewing machine lives on a small cutting mat so I can manoeuvre it around the table as needed.  That thing is HEAVY.  It’s easier to stay in the flow when everything I need is within arms reach.  And for that reason…

sewing table

To the right is a chest of drawer full of sewing stuff.  My cat Charlie, likes to steal things like pincushions.  He’s renowned for taking it, then somewhere in the house you will find an empty pincushion, and you have to hunt for the location where he pulled out all the pins.  Preferably not with your feet.


6 thoughts on “My sewing space

  1. Mindy says:

    Squee! I’m melting over the idea of a cat who steals pin cushions and pulls the pins out – how adorable and slightly painful…

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