Tiramisu and the colour choice

Ladies (and gentlemen) I am struggling with a fabric choice for the Tiramisu dress.  While stripes are a really popular choice I’m looking for something that ‘pops’.  Lladybird just made a gorgeous solid eggplant coloured one, which tempts for a solid colour choice, but I’m just not feeling the love.

On Sunday I laid out all my pattern pieces on a beautiful drapey grey jersey, and just before the rotary cutter did it’s ultimate business a vision of the final dress popped into my mind, and it was not for me.   Draping the pale grey around me, a whole dress of it just washes me out.  It will be fine as a tee (Maria Denmarks Kimono tee perhaps?) but the pale solid colour is out.

grey knit

So far, the layout alone of tiramisu is really good, it’s clear to me how the sizing works and how to cut it correctly, and damn having different cup sizes included is really setting a new benchmark for pattern designers.  While Steph C has had a few sleepless nights getting this out, I think cake patterns is going to be quite successful if Steph continues on the same tangent with her approach to fitting.

Anyway, getting back to the fabric choice.

The real inspiration for a fun print for Tiramisu is this dress which is just terrific fun.  If you look closely, it’s actually lots of little pink zebras.  If I look a little flushed, it’s because it was 37 degrees when I took this photo.  The picture didn’t get cropped as Mei insisted on her day in the internet seeing as the dogs made it to twitter.

zebra print dress

The current hot option is this petal fabric from tessuti, in real life it’s closer to black with petals and I do worry it will look a little kitsch?  Then again, I do have a dress made out of zebras.

Tessuti fabric

Tessuti fabric

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Tiramisu and the colour choice

  1. I do really like that Tessuti fabric. I think it will look nice as a Tiramisu. I haven’t decided what color I’m using yet for my Tira – can’t wait to see your version!

    • Done ladies! I put the order in this morning 🙂 2.25m of knit, and randomly 1.25m of purple boiled wool….Officially my most expensive fabric shopping ever….

  2. I rather liked the grey, and that pic of you appears very statuesque goddess like!
    I just bought about 6m (on a remnant roll) of grey knit. That’s going to make some undeniably boring work dresses, I reckon…
    But yes, the petal fabric is a heap more interesting!

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