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Have you heard about the Top 5 end of year blogging started by Gillian?  It’s really fascianting to hear what everyone has loved or hated to sew, and as such I thought it would be fun to do!  (Better than doing one of those get to know you quizzes emailed about, and yes I prefer windows down to aircon)Top5

Thank you for all your kind comments about my Red Washi, I’m very fond of it, and so to kick off my Top 5 lists for 2012 (who doesn’t love a good list?) will be, in no particular order, my top 5 Favourites.


This was a hard pick, just because I love wearing my Red washi, but the Blue washi I ADORE the finish and bound hems.  Often there will be a bit of leg flashed as the hem is turned up to show the matching bias tape.  Nobody else cares, but I’m terribly proud of this dress.   It’s also really comfortable and very flattering now with the lower neckline and under bust darts.

Seam finishes on the blue washi dress

Corporate Cambie

This dress comes out at once a week at work, it’s comfortable and professional without being boring.  The pockets are always in use, Iphone in one and security pass in the other, so I never get locked outside again getting coffee.

The sewaholic work cambie

Oliver & S PJ’s

This is my absolute go-to pattern for winter pyjamas for my little lady, last winter she had five or six pairs.  As I downloaded this pattern as a PDF, I can reprint each year in the larger size and keep going.  Kids patterns really are fantastic as PDF’s, and they usually don’t take too long to tape together.

Oliver and S Bedtime Story pjs version 2

Maria Denmark Kimono top (yet to be blogged)

This is by far the most comfortable top I’ve ever worn, it took no time at all to make, I finished it terribly and yet I get the most unsolicited compliments about it.  Will blog shortly, as this is love.  In fact, I’m wearing it right now.  As soon as it comes out of the washing basket I’m wearing it.

Maria Denmark Kimono top

Pink turtle neck Renfrew

The best kind of clothes are those that do double duty.  This does TRIPLE duty.  Perfect for home and work, and also for playing peek a boo behind the cowl with baby.  She thinks it’s hilarious and I think it’s amazingly comfortable, easy to sew and the most lovely designed cowl.

Sewaholic, knit

It really wasn’t hard to pick my top 5 favourites, it’s whatever has gone through the washing basket the most this year!  These were all patterns I made multiples of, which usually indicate they are easy and satisfying to fit and sew.


18 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite Creations

  1. I too adore beautiful seam finishes – what have you used on your blue washi? Gorgeous! I can vouch in person how lovely the corporate cambie and the pink renfrew are 🙂
    The Kimono top looks intriguing – may have to check that one out!

    • Just bias bound seams, but using the matching tape from the neckline to the hem. It’s just pretty, I think Rachel thought I was nuts taking all the time to do it, but it’s sturdy as hell.

    • I’ve heard about your speed knitting on the twitters, I think rachel is VERY jealous!

      I think you will love the Kimono pattern, it’s really comfortable and super quick to make

  2. What great makes!! I love that one of your top fives is the Renfrew; I’m making that next! ^_^ Love the corporate Cambie too – I’m a big fan of practical AND pretty ^__^

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