Top 5 Sewing Fails


It’s quite interesting, I found picking the top 5 worst items much harder than my top 5 favourite.  Some of these I haven’t blogged, some I haven’t even sewn (but wait, I can explain!)  Understanding what didn’t work will hopefully prevent too many more of these wadders in the future.   These all went awry for different reasons.

Black top

I have never worn this top.  This was the first item I made when I decided to really get back into garment sewing (and to take it seriously) and it is terrible.  The neckline was stretched out, it’s cut off grain, and completely half arsed in every way   A betting man would estimate this was done with a normal sewing needle, straight stitch and definitely no clue.  It’s not worth saving, and will get cut up soon to become baby dribble bibs, which is a much better fate than languishing at the back of the closet.


Grey pinstripe skirt

I need to try this again, I love the look of the pattern, but the skirt is an unlined, poorly finished, pointy darted mess.  It’s so bad there isn’t even a photo of it.  If you fancy imagining it, think of how you would have made this at high school sewing, and thats pretty much about it. I might yet blog it, but it is awful.1963 sewing pattern suit

Baby turtleneck dress

While super cute, my baby has a giant melon of a head.  I never managed to get this over her head again, and as a result I now will be cutting out weirdly sized baby clothes with giant necklines, super skinny sides and very long.  I suspect she may actually be an alien.  I doubt a human could really consume as much yoghurt as she does.

Baby dress sewing pattern knit

I love the look of the Heidi and Finn patterns, but I struggle with the quality of the patterns, and would prefer to pay the extra for oliver and s.


Turns out loose drapey hand wash blouses are never going to get a look in around my house.  This was just a terrible combination of a stiff print on a silk, a poor sizing choice, and a lack of reality about my lifestyle.  Oh, and the darts give me pointy boobs.


Oliver and S pants

I bought the oliver and S Field trip cargo pants and raglan t-shirt pattern (wow, what a mouthful!) to make for my bestie’s babe, B.  He’s a gorgeous little boy, one week younger than mine.  I made 5 of the raglan tops quick smart, and cut out three pairs of pants.

Last week I threw out the cut out pieces.  This pattern is lovely, but for running around pants there are just too many pieces.  I know I would love it if I made them, but when he will outgrow them in 3 months I’m not spending all that time pressing cargo pockets, and top stitching tiny little trousers.

The pattern is worth it for the t-shirt, but I wouldn’t make the pants (or try) for an under 2 again.


So really, the big thing for me is to think about what and why I am sewing – and to plan out my projects appropriately.  Any other tips?


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Sewing Fails

  1. YES, I agree 100% about the Heidi & Finn patterns. Now that I’ve got a ton more sewing experience I definitely am finding their patterns annoying because the fit is so bad. I made the hoodie in the 18 month size and it fits my 11 month old in the chest (fitted) but the arms are so long. And my son isn’t that big or has short arms. Anyway, with kids patterns I would much rather go with O&S as you said, or burda.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New year and here’s to a lot of sewing successes in the new year!

      • You know at first that huge burda pattern sheet looked insane but once you get a system going on and start, it’s not so bad. I have copied probably over 20 patterns (kids and womens) so far from the burda style mags I’ve borrowed from the library. I should do a blog post about how I’ve done it…

  2. I also found it hard to pick my fails. It’s like insulting a member of the family.
    I’m struggling with my goals. I don’t think it’s going to be project or skills based though! Look forward to your next post 🙂
    Oh and it makes you feel better my babies were above the 97 percentile – cute but huge! Not even really fat just HUGE.

  3. Hello! I just came to your site for the first time today (from Sew Busy Lizzie, who I found through GingerMakes yesterday!) and I just have to say- I freakin’ LOVE your blog header! Also your blog, but that header- I just giggled and I love it!

    • Thankyou 🙂 Hahaha, if you’re new to sewbuzylizzie be prepared to be amazed, her sewing speed is PHENOMENAL. I secretly think she never sleeps.

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