Top 5 Blogs and Bloggers that Inspire

Have you heard about the Top 5 end of year blogging started by Gillian?  It’s really interesting to hear what everyone has loved or hated to sew, and as such I thought it would be fun to do!  I know these were meant to be up before new years eve…but it’s such a busy time of year lets just pretend I made it….)Top5

Listing my top 5 Blogs and bloggers that inspire is really difficult for me, as some get me enthusiastic about sewing, and I’ve read them for years, and some get me into my sewing room.


I love her style, penchant for thrift and foul language.  It’s sewing with some extra laughs which is a pleasure to read.


I’ve been a follower of Gertie for years and years now, and I love her style and watching her sewing/blogging evolve.  It gives you inspiration following someone’s progress for so long, and seeing the couture level of sewing they can achieve.  I will totally pad stitch a jacket something someday.

Male Pattern Boldness

I’ve also followed Peter’s blog for years now, and sometimes it’s very refreshing to see things he doesn’t like, or his discussions on fashions.  Peter also once had a really inspiring post (which I’m trying to find again), about how making a wadder isn’t a bad thing.  You can never waste fabric if you learn something from it.   I love his pieces like this on the benefits of making it yourself.

Design Sponge

Grace has a fantastic team that really inspires my (admittedly very slow) home decor sewing, and general style.  I will blame this blog for the purchase of a genuine WW2 merchant navy british flag (which are huge and is yet to be mounted), my self made curtains and purchase of random pieces of furniture which are yet to be reupholstered and at this rate, may never be.  On a side note, I generally find my brothers birthday/christmas present inspirations here too.  Some of her podcasts about maintaining a blog and a passion are kind of cool too.

SewBusyLizzy and Mymessings

These ladies get mentioned together, as funny and very friendly and encouraging blogs.  If you ever want to get excited about a project, discuss it with these bloggers and you will be running back to the sewing machine.  They are both on twitter, and love to pitch in helpful advice.  They also sew like maniacs, so don’t be discouraged if your sewing isn’t as fast!

While that was 6 blog/bloggers, there was no way to whittle it down, so if you haven’t already, I’d go and check them out!


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