Top 5 Goals for the New Year


My Top 5 goals are something I’ve struggled with, I tend to sew more when the mood strikes me, so making a super specific list is never going to work.  Let’s call this my 2013 conceptual framework 😉

-Sew whatever takes your whimsy, but try and make it a practical and beautiful version.  Add a stunning lining to a coporate colour, sneak in some pockets, embroider a jacket

-I have a two item limit of UFO’s come 31 December 2013, which means digging out that Lady Grey coat and finishing it.  It also means three quilts, a tiramisu, day to night top, kimono top and a girls dress, four cushion covers and a set of curtains.  *sigh*.

– Try and blog once a week, sewing is a team sport, and sometimes reading someone else’s blog gives you the encouragement to start sewing something.  It’s the bomb.

-Be a good person.  I made my first Kiva loan to a sewing lady in pakistan this week, and it felt good.  I’m not a huge fan of the high rates of interest they charge, but even here trying to get the funds to start sewsquirrel was tricky for a microbusiness.  It’s the least I can do to regularly make Kiva loans.

-Do some selfless sewing, and more mending.  This year I got an extra years use out of a set of sheets by patching them (twice).  I’m trying to live a more green and sustainable life, so that means repairing and refashioning!

Here’s hoping I manage to stay on track.  You’ll keep me honest right?


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Goals for the New Year

  1. what a good list sarah! I particularly like the first one “Sew whatever takes your whimsy, but try and make it a practical and beautiful version.”

  2. You go girl! I think I need to take inspiration from you and blog more often (last post=october.. oops!) and the Kiva loan is such a good idea. Just off to check it out now.

  3. Great goals… and I’m a big fan of Kiva loans and helping others… I’ve never had a loan that has not yet been fully repaid on time. Once a loan is paid back I lend the funds again to someone else and it just keeps going. I also probably need to stop being a selfish sewer and do a little mending and get stuck in and make my hubby something.

    • I’m planning on making a negroni sometime in the next year, and have duly advised my husband he isn’t allowed to change measurements at all over the next year now!

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