Kimono silks to cushions

Cushion designs before backingYears ago I was gifted two bags of cut of kimono remnants, vintage kimono silks and some poly blends that were just gorgeous.  I’d made a set of cushions with some of it before but didn’t really know how to make cushions out of fabric other than cushions.  The silks slipped out of shape, they had a rough black cotton mixed in (which just attracted cat hair) and generally looked home made.

This time around I did things properly.  No half-assing around.  It’s surprisingly expensive to buy nice cushions from shops, and even the inners are disproportionally expensive to their construction.  Did you know it’s usually more affordable to buy ugly cushions on sale rather than cushion inners.  Ridiculous consumer culture right?  These are from Bed bath and table and were $10 each, and this way when I need to wash the covers, I’ve still got the old covers to use.

Ordinary cushions

The new cushions?  They are hand made.  Each piece is interfaced, the zips are lapped and they all match.

Cushions kimono silk

The baby thinks they are great for climbing on too.

baby silk cushion crawling

Each piece of fabric was ironed out on a low heat setting, then interfaced with fusible vilene before cutting or laying out a design.  Once interfaced, it was easy then to trim each fabric into the largest possible rectangle to start the jigsaw of assembly.

The fabric for the back is a linen blend from spotlight which was on sale for $8 a metre.  Why I bought 3 metres for 5 cushions is still beyond me…probably my subconscious resisting any attempt to de-stash.

These took far too much time to sew together with all the playing around and constructing them on the fly, but I am so pleased with the final result that I can’t begrudge the time playing around with the design.

All in all, I’d rather be sewing clothes than cushions.


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