FO : Maria Denmark kirsten kimono blouse

The real test of how much you love an item of clothing for me, is if it ever makes it to the wardrobe.  This top get pinched out of the washing basket and worn again before being folded and put away.  Admittedly, my washing does occasionally linger in the washing basket, but who wants to be folding clothes when they can be sewing?

knit fabric

Sewbusylizzy is a big supporter of Maria Denmark patterns, and after hearing about them so much on twitter, I decided to go the low commitment route and try her free pattern, the kimono blouse.  This was a pattern that I expected to never wear, as it’s completely unlike any of my other tops.  It fit perfectly with only a small grading between sizes as a lazy bust adjustment.

I named this one of my top 5 favourite patterns of the year as it goes with everything.  I wear it to work under a suit, with jeans or a skirt for days at home and at playgroup.  It’s amazing with with the heat wave we’ve been having as it just skims over your body.

Maria Denmark Kimono top


Perfect.  This top is drafted without any seam allowances, (and I forgot to add them) and it fit beautifully, so for my personal preference for this top, this seems to be the right way to remove a tiny bit of design ease.


This is a cotton/rayon blend from GJ’s fabrics on Lygon St Melbourne.  It was a quick remnant table find, and was a bargain.  I really shouldn’t tell you where it was from in case there is any more left to buy.  IT’S MINE.  In EVERY COLOURWAY.  I managed to squeeze another two tops out of the remnant.  That’s how much I love it, and the tiny slivers of offcuts are holding my tomatoes to stakes.  So also a great gardening fabric.

lovely soft knit fabric easy to sew


Time for a small confession here.  I didn’t follow the instructions at all, I did faux twin needling and was amazingly lazy in every conceivable way.  I serged up the sides, and used steam a seam on the neckline, hemline and sleeves before doing my shocking faux twin needling as my twin needle needed replacing.  At least I used a stretch needle!  The neckline stretches out by the end of the day, so really Maria has it right and I’ll be using stretch elastic next time.  Promise.

Future lessons

The finish on this would have more professional if I had made it as per the instructions.  While I can often sub in techniques, it doesn’t make them better.  A little knowledge can be very dangerous!

You can download this pattern either at Craftsy or at Maria’s website, ShopOnion.  There is a rumour on the internet that Maria will be releasing printed patterns this year… Very excited!


17 thoughts on “FO : Maria Denmark kirsten kimono blouse

  1. Love this! I’ve cut out the paper pattern (I cut mine out with seam allowances as I always forget when I cut the fabric). I think I might be able to squash it out of the leftovers from my second day-to-night dress (you must try that – I’m totally in love with that one!).

    • I’ve made it as a top – yet to be blogged. I really like it too for work, but it shows a little too much when I bend over for being out and about with the baby. Tempted to try a blend of the day to night top and the tiramisu waist band and skirt….

    • I especially love using quilting cottons, it makes me smile seeing bright colours hidden in the garden. How’s the garden sail helping with the heat?

  2. This top looks fantastic on you – the colour is good, too. I remember your concern about this grey 🙂
    This is on my cutting list … to be made up soon. I love the style!

  3. Very nice! Simple, elegant and diverse – I can see why it’s getting high rotation in your wardrobe! 🙂 Love the fabric, it looks lovely and is such a nice shade 🙂

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