FO: The cord dress

This little cord dress was for my darling little cousin for Christmas.  It was meant to be a simple make, but a few things threw it out.Girls Style Book

The pattern was out of the Japanese pattern book, girls style book.   I believe this was dress W or maybe T, but the instructions were tricky to find, as although the patterns were all designated by letters in the alphabet…the instructions were not in alphabetical order.  There was some well chosen language trying to find the instructions.

I’m not completely in love with this make as I did a shocking job of it.  Next time, I will plan appropriately and master the cord.
Cord dress

Cord dress


Ahhh, I’ve not seen it on the most lovely recipient, and I hope it fits.  If it does it could be a nice little stashbuster as winter pinafores with tights.  For a Japanese style book, I anticipate these being better fitting for slimmer children, which so far would not be the case.  Most of the styles are very loose fitting, which was not what I intended when making an impulse buy.  I was seeking patterns to fit skinny tall kids – and this is not the answer.


This pink cord was $9.95 a metre from the Cloth Shop in Ivanhoe.  It’s a very thin cord, and lovely.  Let’s get this out of the way.  I rushed this project.  Big time.  I cut out every piece from one metre.  But wait…where’s the back of the dress?  That’s right.  I left off the second largest pattern piece from my layout and did not notice.  Don’t worry, I did cut out an extra piece, in case I ever need a jacket front facing for the matching coat (for one side).  There was epic drama trying to get an extra metre to finish this dress, and due to Christmas opening hours being poorly advertised, this didn’t get finished until January.
Pocket detail

This was a really tricky make, as I didn’t bother thinking/reading about sewing with cord.  My seam finishes are horrible as the serger would not play nicely with the cord, pinking just got pink fluff everywhere, and using three different methods on the same seam does not look nice.  I’m really disappointed with the insides of this garment, and it is entirely possible the nap on the front and the back are different.

On an upside, following the instructions in this book is great.  Like Cake Patterns, the sewing process is designated by numbers, so you can do a quick check of the order of assembly.  Fab for instruction skippers like myself.

Future lessons

Do not be a stupidhead but out pattern pieces before laying them all out.
Do not forget that cord has nap.
Do not do such ugly seam finishes.
Do not start christmas dresses a week before christmas, when the fabric store might be shut, and all your rushing is going to cost you more time.

Oh, and nothing in this book is going to fit my little one for a very long time, which means if I start all of them now…they might be finished by the time she grows into them.


8 thoughts on “FO: The cord dress

  1. Diana M says:

    Don’t give up on the book. I have made several of the same dress in denim for my 6 year old daughter. I just put one pocket in the middle of the chest rather than 2 lower down. I have also made several as presents for her friends and were well appreciated. I also made top
    L and that again was great as a present for her friends. Dress G also turned out great. I have not tried to make the dress in cord though.

  2. Carolynne says:

    Will email you a photo with Corrine wearing it. It looked fine to me seams and all. It is very wide at the bottom. Thanks heaps

  3. Too sweet!
    Just wanted to let you know that I’d like to nominate you for some awards: The Liebster Award, for blogs with less than 200 followers, the One Lovely Blog Award, The Premio Award (for those who comment on blogs!) and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope that’s ok, and I’ll put it in a post soon!

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