Craftsy addiction

It’s one of the first steps to recovery, admitting you have a problem.  I’ve bought 5 craftsy classes.  And I’ve not finished watching any of them.

In my defence, these classes are amazing, technical and long (psst, and addictive).  Each class has an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor, and occasionally comes with a printed pattern included, and mailed to your home address.

It started innocently enough with Sew the Couture Dress class…

Followed by The Classic Tailored Shirt…

Followed by Beginner Serging…

Followed by Sew the Perfect Fit…

Followed by the Perfect Pizza at home.  After all this sewing I’m hungry!

Each class was a revelation of perhaps I should be starting at something more simple, as these classes are highly technical, however I would wager that any advanced beginner would be able to get a great deal out of the classes.  Once the March madness is over of crazy dress making (more on that in late March) I’d like to dedicate one night a week to sewing along with my lovely craftsy class.  It’s easy to watch on my Iphone all the non-participative sections, however many of them you need to be sewing along side the instructor to get the most benefit.

The other thing which is interesting to note about the craftsy classes is it’s difficult to multi-task while watching them.  If you aren’t paying attention, it’s gone.  And while I don’t want to give away any of the craftsy sewing tips and techniques, even though I’ve not Sewn my Couture Dress, my newest unblogged dress is made using many of Susan Khalje’s tips.  And yes, I’ve not yet acquired a Classic Tailored Shirt, but I do cut out my fabric like Pam Howard.

The pizza is still store bought.


6 thoughts on “Craftsy addiction

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I started out a few weeks ago with ‘Sewing with knits’ followed by ‘Sewing feet from A-Z’ (which is free btw) then continued by enrolling in ‘Beginner Serging’ and my latest acquiry ‘Jean-ius’.

    In most of them I just like the tips and tricks and I’m not really doing the projects (as I don’t need them) but overall I’m pretty happy with them. Apart from ‘Sewing with kbits’, it’s a good class but my fear of knits apparantly had nothing to do with bad techniques, it was due to a bad machine. I have a new machine now and she loves knits so no more fear!

    Hope you have fun with yours and learn lots!!

    • The tips really are amazing. I’ve not tried sewing with knits, but I did gift it to a friend learning to sew as the pattern range was pretty fab. Craftsy really is an amazing platform

  2. Kat says:

    I still hold Susan’s course as #1 in my books. All the other courses I’ve learned a tad bit here and there, but SK’s course I learned a *heap* and still use that knowledge in almost every project.

  3. I too have an addiction to Craftsy. I have way too many courses, but I’m gradually getting through them. I agree that the best parts are the tid-bits of genius tips from the instructors! These days when I get the house to myself I plug my laptop into the TV and watch Craftsy while knitting and sipping a cuppa. Bliss 🙂

  4. I’ve done this as well. But, luckily one was on sale for $9.99 and the other 2 were free and one I actually completed two of the projects. Hey, they don’t expire, so not too tragic, especially to take advantage of the awesome sales they have.

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