The Tessuti Gridlock Lekala dress

A sewing challenge for all sewists, using the same fabric, to create out own outfits?  Challenge accepted tessuti.  Challenge accepted.  (see here if you want to know more of about the challenge, and here to see some entries).

The fabric didn’t feel anything like I first expected, and it had more stretch and drape and was warmer to boot.

Gridlock tessuti dress

As this was intended to be an ‘experimental’ project for me, I wanted to try a new style, a new pattern company and  heck, let’s try some new measurements while we’re at it right?  I’d read about the kind of creepy yet awesome site which takes your measurements via your webcam.  This is free and AWESOME. nice to get some validation that my self measuring isn’t too off.  I’d like to think I’m self-confident enough to not fib about my measurements, but who doesn’t give themselves a centimetre of two of leave?

gridlock tessuti dress

The new (to me) pattern company was Lekala patterns, and the specific pattern was ‘dress with Basque 4189’.

gridlock tessuti dress

So earlier when I said I might fib about my measurements?  Here’s the interesting thing.  When completing the measurements for the Lekala website for my pattern, I didn’t believe the waist measurement that Upcloud had given me.  So I added an extra 4cm.  For cupcakes and the like.  4 extra centimetres is a HUGE differential.

And as such, when I made up my muslin the waist was too big.  By 4 centimetres. GAAAAH. And so much trimming and adjusting was done. Next time, I’ll trust the pattern.

The skirt is 7 pieces, 4 for the peplum and 5 for the bodice. It still came together pretty quickly, even after adding another 11 pieces for the full lining I added. The lining was a light cotton batiste I thought, but after an incident with an overly hot iron I can confirm that it is in fact some unnatural fibre (clearly pulled the wrong fabric from the stash), but I’m happy with it. Using a bright white was important as the lining was going to help make the cream sections “pop” more.

lined dress

The fabric was so thick that the seams should have all been graded, however the included seam allowances on Lekala patterns is a scant .5cm which left insufficient for grading. All the neckline and armholes are prickstitched down to keep the lining from peeking out. The hem was catchstitched by hand for an invisible finish.


It would have fit beautifully from the first go if I had put my measurements in right. *sigh* The only other alteration was to reshape the skirt and make it more of a pencil skirt and taper in a little towards the hem.

Lekala back gridlock tessuti

Lekala peplum gridlock

Gridlock tessuti dress lekala

Prick-stitching, catch-stitching, and really I should have tried a waist-stay to help support the weight of the peplum. The only grosgrain ribbon on hand however was covered in my little pony pictures. Honestly, the problems I have.

Future learnings
I will use Lekala patterns again, their styles are a weird mix of Cue style dresses (an edgy Australian brand), gypsy blouses and wedding dresses. The fact is though, I didn’t have to do a FBA and it fit perfectly through the shoulders. I’m intrigued to try more. They are PDFs, but that work ok for me for the slim pattern pieces are easy to assemble and fold.


All and all, I love this dress.  And it’s pretty good for playing peekaboo in!  Make sure you go and check out the other entries on Pinterest, it’s such good inspiration!


38 thoughts on “The Tessuti Gridlock Lekala dress

  1. I really like it, it really suits you. And I love the fabric, I was so tempted to enter but the P&P was just too much to the uk to justify it. Btw, a my little pony waist stay would have been an awesome addition!

    • Haha, I will use it on another dress, I was a little worried about the print coming off the tape and ending up with little ponies all around my waist!

      Maybe if they do it again you could split the postage with other sewcialists?

  2. Wow, beautiful dress! I have seen the Tessuti fabric floating around many blogs since the sewalong began and am so curious to see what everybody made with it. This one is a winner, for sure, very flattering on you as well.

  3. Wow Sarah, that’s gorgeous! Beautifully made and very flattering. Thanks for all the detail on Lekala patterns and the body measuring thing too – I will give both a try.

  4. oh. my. goodness. Does this look awesome or WHAT!?!! Absolutely love it on you – the proportions and the cut suit you wonderfully. Couldn’t agree more with you on the categorisation of Lekala – very Cue indeed. (I’ve always really like Cue). Whatta work dress! 🙂

  5. SARAH! Oh my gosh that is FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT. (hence the caps!) It looks so good on you and love how the front with the peplum makes it look like a skirt/top combo. Curious about this pattern company now. The prices look cheap… what did it convert to in Aussie dollar? Well done, such a good colour on you too! 🙂

  6. I like this a lot! And I have perused the Lekala pattern company, but never ordered one- although I have been close. Just didn’t want to take my measurements! Haha… But I think I will try it – they do have some cute things. Good luck on the challenge- I REALLY like your outfit- Very nicely done! ~Laurie

    • Thanks! The web scanning thing was pretty hilarious to do, and then I could just pop my measurements in. Lekala might have needed an underbust measurement too, which I don’t think Upcloud did from memory.

  7. This is great, really modern and I haven’t met a judge yet that doesn’t love a peplum! Nice tapering on the skirt, it looks just right. I’m checking out Lekala now, this dress and your description of them has me very interested. Best of luck in the comp

  8. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is AMAZING! This pattern is all kinds of rad and it looks absolutely awesome on you- what a fab fit! This makes me think of Cue (you’re so right!) and I must check these patterns out!

      • no… it is just the same… simple. You have to have some experience when making garments from this patterns – especially more complicated onece. I see however that they really developed – I hope they will put more effort in making better descriptions.

  9. I just found this- this is such a great dress! When Sew tessuti released their competition I was pretty excited, but I couldn’t afford the fabric to enter. I love what you did with it, I think it looks great on you 🙂

      • Are you kidding? I would love it! But, are you sure you wouldn’t use it for something else? It’s so pretty, I’m sure you could find something to do with it 🙂

      • I think it’s fate. I’ve been eyeballing it the last few days and wondering what on earth to do with it, as I don’t want a matchy matchy outfit and it is such a distinctive print. Look out for an email from me 🙂

  10. Wow! I just came across your blog today (from the Tiramisu pool, I think) and I really love this dress you made. It looks so sharp, and if fits so perfectly. Da Bomb! Thumbs up!!

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