Lekala pattern company update

There has been a lot of interest in the Lekala patterns, and I thought there were some key things I’m not sure I covered in my post about the Gridlock Lekala dress

  • The pattern is emailed to you after purchase as a PDF customised to your measurements
  • It’s dirt cheap (approx $2.50 a pattern)
  • The instructions appear to have been put through bing translate, and as such are amusing, but rather useless
  • Some patterns are very stylish, others aren’t to everyone’s taste
  • They don’t provide fabric recommendations consistently or requirements at all.  Even after download, until you lay out the pattern pieces you won’t know how much it will use
  • These aren’t suitable for complete beginners in my opinion, but if you have made something similar before and you are an advanced beginner you could be alright

Happy sewing!


9 thoughts on “Lekala pattern company update

  1. Thanks Sarah – after seeing your dress I jumped onto their website and ordered three patterns, all of which arrived around five hours after I sent through my order with my measurements. Looking forward to giving them a go and I will be very happy if any of my results are even half as good as yours. They are an interesting mish mash of styles, aren’t they – but I still seem to have fifteen or so in my wishlist.

    • Such a mismash. There is a free ladies shirt pattern I’m thinking of trying as well. I wish there were more mens patterns, as men seem to have just as much variation as us ladies. (but I seem to have less patience for fitting alterations for men)

  2. I came across this website and patterns few years ago. I can read russian so I was able to check their russian site and download few free patterns. I did not use them yet though.
    I agree – the desctiption is not so perfect and you have to lay patterns on the table/floor to see the fabric usage. They have however a massive of great patterns.
    Your dress is stunning…

  3. Hi there Sarah, I met you at March GJ’s thing – we were the Brown Owls mob sharing the space. Great blog. It feels almost as good to read about sewing as it is to sew I reckon! Rebecca

  4. Hi Sarah, it was nice meeting you today! I’m actually thinking of downloading a bra pattern from lekala so this post was good to read. I’m not sure how it’ll go with my measurements, not sure how much ease they add and what effect that could have… but like you say its very cheap, I could buy a couple if I stuff it up!

    • Thanks! It was lovely meeting you too 🙂 The instructions are useless, but I really like their patterns so far. I’ll be interested to see what their bra patterns are like.

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