MMM ’13 week one

It’s not even been a full week, and there is a desperate need for warm clothes in my sewing plans!

Day one (Wednesday 1 May)
The first cab of the rank is this blue striped Renfrew, which has seen better days, which makes it a perfect playgroup outfit.

Renfrew day 1

Jumper – Renfrew
Top- Maria Denmark kimono blouse
Jeans – old rtw hand me downs
Expression – mmmm.  Tea.

Day two (Thursday 2 May)
This dress is just SO warm, it’s perfect even without tights around the office.

Cambie - day 2

Dress- winter cambie
Expression – why did I agree to take a photo every day?

Day three (Friday 3 May)
This is a blatant copy of the most amazing Kristy from lower your presserfoot. After seeing her lovely dress I went and bought the same ponte, and the same burda pattern. I haven’t blogged it for the slight embarrassment I felt.

Burda day 3

Dress – burda
Boots – duo boots
Expression – Unable to remember where my tights are (found them later!)

Day four (Saturday 4 May)

Today I was pretty tired after an epic sewing session Friday night, and this is as fancy as I got all day. I didn’t really venture into public all day, and was in bed by 9.15 that night!

Maria Denmark - day 4

Top – Maria Denmark kimono blouse
Pants – very old rtw esprit trousers
Expression – this is going to be a loooong month

Day five (Sunday 5 May)
Time to get gussied up for a day visiting family!

Cambie day 5

Dress- Funky cambie
Expression – dear god it’s to early to be up showered and out the door without a coffee on a Sunday

Day Six (Monday 6 May)
Back to work! I’m starting to see a pretty strong tendency towards sewaholic patterns now- but also that I need more warm basics! So much that I’ve sewn has been fun summer dresses.

Hollyburn day 6

Top – esprit rtw jumper with a country road knit basic
Skirt- Sewaholic Hollyburn
Expression – watching the dogs chase a possum in the backyard

Yikes! Time for some emergency sewing!  Also – my construction post is coming…it’s just getting very length and has given me sizeable bloggers block.


12 thoughts on “MMM ’13 week one

  1. Great first week!!! I love your funky Cambie and your homage to Kristy. Been dying to make a New Look 6000 as great as hers. Her collar on that is perfect.
    Love your style. Have fun the rest of MMM!

    • Thanks! There is another dress of hers I want, a burda with a cowl neck. It’s too dreamy. Actually, who wouldn’t want her whole wardrobe (and stash!)

  2. my ears are burning with all of you talking about me! I love that I inspired you to make a version of the Burda stripey dress in that fabulous striped ponti. I’m impressed with your me made me wardrobe so far – I’m too lazy to take a photo each day which is why I didn’t join in, but I’m admiring all those that are

  3. I love the funky cambie! Seeing everyone’s cambie’s coming out of mmm13 makes me really really want to finally tackle my own. It’s been sitting in my pile for months now!

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