My winter delight – Maria Denmark Audrey C dress

Coming out of Me May May, this is by far my favourite dress at the moment.  It’s snuggly and warm, and really comfortable.  Perfect for a melbourne winter really.

maria denmark audrey dress

Maria Denmark drafted two different versions of this dress, utilising different cup sizes.   If I was going to be really fussy I would have loved it if the two cup sizes were a B and a D, just for a bit more differential.  It has two darts up the back to provide some gentle back shaping, so the skirt flares out flatteringly over some less flattering areas.

maria denmark back darts

As a first cut of the pattern, I used a stash fabric which was gifted to my stash.  Double win.  It’s a very thick fleece knit with very little give.


As a result of the lack of stretch in the fabric, the pattern is a little tight over the shoulder.  The fit through the hips is lovely, but may also be a little large if you had a super stretchy knit without recovery.

Audrey Maria Denmark dress neckline



Serged all the seams.  It makes life very, very quick.  I heart knits and serging.  I used Vsielofix (also known as Steam a Seam) to the neck and sleeves, then serged, then pressed over and twin needled.  See my pretty twin needling?  It comes up beautifully on fleece.  This was a fast and happy make

maria denmark audrey c dress arm

Future learnings

Make more.  Now.


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