The 60’s shift dress

This is an old one, but it’s a fast dress to whip up, and fun to go crazy on.

easy shift dress to sew

Mum had a 60’s theme birthday party, and I decided to make this shift dress out of the magazine sewhip (having previously made a pair of trousers semi-successfully from the magazine before).

shift dress

So naturally, having a whole year of notice I decide to sew up my outfit two days before. It took no time at all to whip up, unfortunately it closely resembled a tent. With the impending party in mind, I literally just starting to sew up the sides, with lines getting in closer and closer to my waist with each zoooooom.

The last two zooms were to add little back darts, which were totally guessed. Who cares? It was only ever going to be worn once at this party right?

WRONG. Over summer I love this dress. It’s cool, comfortable, and just long enough to not show off your knickers (always a winner in my book).

hot little shift


13 thoughts on “The 60’s shift dress

  1. What a cute dress! I have a 60s shift dress lined up to sew. I am having some issues as to what fabric to use. A traditional cotton, or something more slinky to make it drape and flow more?

      • Oh, that’s a good idea! I am always so stalled in my sewing because I panic over fabric choice. It has been the downfall of more than a few projects, so now I get everything ready to go…..then change my mind on fabric. Lol.

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