A quilt for Hugo

It’s gotten to that lovely time in our lives where all our friends are busy joining the parental club. The newest member, is a charming little boy, Hugo (gorgeous name right?).

This quilt was assembled from a gender neutral jelly roll, as the gender of the bub was unknown, and also to have something nice and bright for bub to roll around and look at.20130720-195931.jpg

The quilting was done by machine, with a variegated thread in straight lines. This way it’s easily machine washable (key feature of baby quilts) and still nice and soft. I find sometimes heavy machine quilting creates a very stiff quilt, which isn’t ideal for maximum snuggle factor.20130720-200024.jpg

The backing is from my stash!!!! The stashbusting challenge has been going slowly, but this was one of my prouder moments finding a use for this fabric. It’s been in the stash for at least 3 years, and it was just perfect for the quilt top.

Now time to wrap it up, and exchange the gift for cuddles!



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