Pjs for everyone!

It’s been pretty quiet around here as the we’ve been hibernating over this cold winter, but the days are getting longer and hopefully warmer, so it’s time to get sewing.

Admittedly, this post is not going to be written as I had imagined it. A few mild disasters have thrown this tidy tale astray, but onwards we shall go.

Basically, I’ve been making pajamas. Thrilling? No, but stay with me here. I was going to make whole family matching pajamas.


See? I ordered 9 yards of flannel, in three different colour ways. Blue for daddy, purple for mummy and spots for the little squirrels. Little squirrels? Damn straight, this was going to be the picture.


Look! Cute matching pajamas AND a new baby pending announcement in one!

But due to mama squirrel having stupid pregnant brain, daddy squirrel couldn’t wear his pjs as they were super tiny. See? My pj’s look super wide in comparison, as the men’s pj’s also were not hemmed. Seriously, those are a size ten tofinos!


We’re also missing the fourth pair of tiny pajamas, as due to being pregnant washing has been de prioritised- and they had to be worn by the toddler before being photographed as she had run out of pj’s.

These pajamas took two and a half months to finish, as I have been sick, tired, and also catching every bug under the wintery sun. That’s ok though, we’re back to normal and even the washing is up to date. The family kind of insisted this was a priority before getting blogging up to date.

Anyway, onto the lovely patterns!

The little trousers are unsurprisingly my TNT pattern of the bedtime story pjs. These fit the little squirrel very well, and have a lovely finish.  These are probably pairs number 9 and 10.


My lovely pjs will have a post unto themselves soon, as the Sewaholic Tofino pjs. They’re very comfortable even with big piping and are getting a pretty solid workout this winter. They were easy to sew, but took nearly a full three yards of fabric which I found surprising. I think the flannel wasn’t very wide, but lets be honest here- it was all a crazy tired blur for awhile there.


1721 simplicity pattern
The final tiny pjs are a simplicity pattern 1721, which I isn’t anything special. I don’t even know what happened, maybe my husband lied about his waist measurement, maybe I just cut the wrong size. I don’t know. My suspicion is as I also made him a shirt in the extra small, I assumed the pjs would also fit perfectly as an extra small. However, it did not occur to me that perhaps the extra small For a men’s shirt, and an extra small for unisex pajamas may be different. Let’s be honest, what was the risk of a simplicity pattern being TOO SMALL?

I am yet to get off the sofa to confirm this suspicion, so a wild Internet rumour it shall remain for now. (I may remain here until next Feb when it is assumed new squirrel will choose to make its arrival).

So what to do with the tiny pajamas? (The tiny husband pajamas that is) Luckily I’ve got some super lovely sewing buddies, one of which is lovely AND tiny! Funkbunny fit these pjs perfectly, and so they have found a new crafty home:) Funkbunny also then bought me a chocolate and raspberry muffin for the pjs and a most fair trade it was to a preggo.

So there we are, a tale of woe, joy, flannel and muffins.



16 thoughts on “Pjs for everyone!

  1. Lol PJs were my downfall while pregnant with #3! Only difference, both us could fit into his pants! However I shall continue in my quest for matchy pj’s for the family. – should I mention Marie Osmond was my inspiration? Preggo brain…lol
    Congratulations btw!

  2. Congrats! Even with preggo-brain the pjs are lovely and at least someone got to wear them… Maybe you should pretend funkybunny is part of your family then you can still go with the “family pjs” title…

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