Jalie 3133 and the easy way to finish kids knits

Kids simple knits are usually very expensive in Australia, with a double pack of these body suits usually $18 from target, which are probably also made by children in terrible conditions, so I decided to have a go at making them myself, with decidedly mixed results.

Jalie 3133

The pattern I chose was Jalie 3133, which is a bit larger than A4 and is printed on sturdy paper. If you’ve never made Jalie patterns before, they are designed to be traced and used over and over again, which is quite fantastic as some of the patterns come in 22 sizes, from children’s to adults.

Sadly 3133 only goes up to 2 years, so you’ll miss out on the striking image of myself in a bodysuit. We all have our disappointments in life.

The first 3 were not terribly successful, but for varying reasons.

Jalie 3133 organic cotton baby onesie

This blue and purple jumpsuit I sewed the shoulders around the wrong way. So the first step is to clear mark the pattern back piece. When putting the sleeves onto the crossed over shoulders it’s really easy to not pay enough attention. This is actually the view from the back. Whoops!

The second and third jumpsuits were made out of a very stretchy organic cotton, which was so unsuitable for this. Even using iron on stabilising tape, the right needles, “0” pressure on my pressed foot this stretched out horribly. Are shown below, the shoulders just fall off the coat hanger.

Jalie 3133 baby onesies

These two were too difficult to stabilise the binding and they stretched out horribly. Then, to add insult to injury the snaps would just not stay on.

At this point I was just going to write this pattern off as a loss. The binding strips for the neckline were just too annoying, hemming the tiny little sleeve was annoying, and the snaps fell off.

Cue Fold Over Elastic and the raglan tee!

Jalie 3133 raglan baby FOE fold over elastic blue

Realistically, little miss is getting too big for onesies now, but raglan tee’s are still great to get over her giant head. Modifying the bottom of the pattern (read here that I just folded up the ends of the front and back pieces) this was looking a little more promising. Then, I decided to finish ALL the pieces with fold over elastic first following roughly this process here.

Jalie 3133 raglan baby FOE fold over elastic zigzagThe sleeves, front and back hem and the front and back neckline were all finished first using the fold over elastic. I’m pretty happy with the final finish. Experimenting with two different sizes of FOE, the thinner size seems to look nicer, which I buy from Bumbino, and Australian ebay store based in WA.

Jalie 3133 raglan baby FOE fold over elastic sleeve

The next step was just to attach the sleeves to the front and back pieces, overlock, then overlock the sleeves and body. Too easy!

Jalie 3133 raglan baby toddler FOE fold over elastic

The final Jalie 3133 count?

1 x purple bodysuit for pjs
2 x pink bodysuit for pjs
2 x blue tees
2 x blue and gray tees
4 x white tees

Overall, this pattern is really (and surprisingly) turned out to be a Tried and True pattern! I just wished it went up a few more sizes now.


5 thoughts on “Jalie 3133 and the easy way to finish kids knits

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah (from another Sarah), just wondering whether you think the fold-over elastic would be good for making undies? It certainly gives a nice look to your kids clothes. I’m glad you conquered the pattern in the end 🙂

    • Thanks! Sorry for the terribly late reply, I didn’t notice these had snuck through to the spam! I would give it a try on undies, but the thicker one might be a little wide. I’m thinking about trying the Jalie undies pattern with it…however the sewing list is mind boggling already so it might be awhile.

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