Amerson undies – also known as a very rude shock

Madalynne has made a super cute pattern for women, a woven ‘bloomers’ style underpants. They are designed to be cute summer undies that you wear under a dress/skirt, not any kind of ponte/stretch business. These will give you a knickers line ladies.

**just a quick note, I wrote this two odd months ago, so every reference to having a blergh tum is rather hilarious now – but on the upside these undies are super comfy for the pregnant belly**

Firstly, I’ll put it out there that the sizing on these undies is not for the faint hearted. I cut out the extra large, as I have nearly 40″ hips which I expect to get larger as I get more pregnant.

The next shock has to be the pre-gathered size of these undies. OMFG I prayed these would not fit. There was some emergency tweeting to see if other people had experienced this- perhaps I misread….perhaps I cut the wrong size?


Apologies for the slightly overexposed pictures, these were taken at social sewing, and there is only so long one can stand in ones bloomers in a public fabric store. Even with leggings.





They could be a little more flattering, but the baby makes the tum look like I’ve eaten waaaay too much pasta.


The fit is rather good even if the sizing makes me sad.  They’re comfortable, but as they’re quite large and elasticated there is no way they weren’t going to be.  As a free downloadable pattern, it was impeccably presented and easy to assemble.  The instructions were very clear and easy to understand.  And pretty.  So very pretty.


I think this fabric is a silk/cotton blend as it’s lovely to sew with and drapes nicely.  It was from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg VIC.


Easing the elastic was a little tricky, as it wasn’t easing so much as pinning at intervals (quarterly) and hoping for the best.  I also modified the gusset a little, as the tiny little rectangle was, well, tiny.

Future learnings

The idea of woven undies is really growing on me, however the seam line running up the crotch is not.  It’s hard to decide whether to play around with the fit and seam line or try a different pattern.

Telling the husband that undies has been made got a quiet response that I should show off my makes, however these were clearly not what he was expecting. I did point out they were technically fancy pant lingerie, and lets just leave his response as that its lucky I’m already pregnant.


14 thoughts on “Amerson undies – also known as a very rude shock

  1. Hilarious post- and you are VERY brave! Cavorting around in your Amerson panties. They are pretty cute… The seam would drive me crazy too. What if you put a panel in? Or would that ruin the whole cute effect!?? ~Laurie

    • Brave or silly? Last social sewing people were parading around in bathers, so really this was quite modest 🙂
      A panel would work ok, but they could be such a quick make (and a great stashbuster) with that seam eliminated.

  2. Cute! Yes, I’ve noticed that about this pattern as well. I have it printed out, but have not made it as I’m not sure how practical it will be having them be so baggy. I was thinking as maybe pajama bottoms as it would tend to ‘show’ under trousers or a skirt.

    • They’re great for summer sleeping, and under fuller skirts. If the fabric is drapey enough, you would actually be surprised they won’t show that much.

  3. Oh yay! I had totally forgotten about these 🙂 They look great on you! Although, I have one pair of knickers in the drawer with a seam up the middle, and they never get worn because they get really uncomfy really quickly! That said, for a pair of lounge around the house undies – these are supa cute. The husbands response is entirely appropriate 😉

    • Lol 🙂 it was awhile ago now! The trauma of the pre-elastic is still fresh in my mind however…..

      You could make them too…but maybe stash them away until after the wedding?

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