Finally! A craftsy project begins

Finally, after watching Susan Khalje’s the couture dress class I’ve started on my own couture project.

It’s not a dress, as quite frankly couture maternity wear is the point where you need to seek addiction help. No-one sane would do that.

So what is it?



14 thoughts on “Finally! A craftsy project begins

  1. Kat says:

    Hmmmmmm…I’m intrigued! Couture maternity wear is a GREAT idea! I mean, why not? Just because you’ve got a belly doesn’t mean you can’t sew/wear couture. I love it. I also love SK’s course. I think it’s one of the best…if not *the* best on Craftsy. 40 sewing tips you can’t do without? Well, SK’s course has about 40000! I’m still watching it and getting more out of it! Looking forward to your progress 🙂

  2. Exciting, hope the couture garment goes well. I really like the colour. I’m thinking a jacket maybe, since the fabric looks jackety to me (yes it’s a word).

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