Guess how much I love you quilt number two

Guess how much I love you fabric panel

The last few weeks I’ve been sitting waiting for this baby to arrive (currently 4 days overdue), so I whipped up a little quilt by accident.  I hadn’t planned on making a quilt, as there are already far to many overdue unfinished objects in my home already, but I’m a sucker for the guess how much I love you books, (I started this one 9 years ago – finished 1-2 years ago) so when Darn cheap Fabrics had the licensed print in stock…somehow two metres of fabric ended up in my bag.

Guess how much I love you baby quilt

Unfortunately, one I started cutting it out (without a plan or pattern) there was not quite enough fabric to finish the corners of the quilt.  After hunting extensively online, I found a lovely online store, Fabric Fusion which still had a little of this print in stock.

Nearly every single scrap of fabric went into this quilt, as I assembled the quilt back using the leftover fabric from the quilt top…and there was probably 5 small offcuts that didn’t make it.  It was a tight fit to baste the two together as there very nearly wasn’t enough fabric!  You can see in the bottom right corner I was struggling to have enough fabric.  I would have liked to break up the chunks of fabric more, but with seam allowances it was going to be too tight to fit it back together and be big enough.

guess how much I love you quilt back

The quilt was machine quilted around the blocks, and just randomly in the centre along some decorative lines on the fabric panel.  The wadding was a bamboo by Mathilda’s Own which only requires quilting lines every 8″ apart.  Mine are closer than that in most parts, but it’s nice to know it’s a fairly secure wadding.  I’ve pinned the care instructions for the bamboo wadding here if you’re interested.  I’m pretty pleased with the binding, it was a $2 fat quarter from GJ’s discount fabric I bought about 2 years ago, and didn’t go with any projects until now.  Yay for stash use (even though I’ve now added more wadding offcut to it than the 50cm of fabric….)

guess how much I love you quilt, binding corner

Generally my preference for squishy comfort and style is to handquilt, but there just wasn’t enough time, and this is going to be washed extensively and suffer a fair amount of abuse, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out the walking foot on my new (secondhand) Bernina.  It handled like a beauty as expected 🙂

Now I just need the baby…..


8 thoughts on “Guess how much I love you quilt number two

  1. Awww it’s gorgeous!! Such a lovely set of prints and colours. The pictures remind me somewhat of the illustrations that went with Beatrix Potter books, prints from which adorned the walls of my bedroom when I was of a very young age!

    • Thanks – it’s probably a little bit more girly than boy – but I’m just such a sucker for that style of illustration 🙂 It’s like the old winnie the pooh illustrations, they’re just so delicate

  2. This quilt is adorable, I love the bunnies so much. And, you made a ‘real’ quilt by using leftover scraps of all kinds. Fingers crossed that a baby will soon be sleeping joyfully in it. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m terrible at it too. I pretty much stay at home all the time now as I’m going batty with people pointing out that I must be almost due. Like I didn’t notice I was the size of a planet!

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