My other new arrival – a vintage Bernina 730 Record.

See this?  This is from stalking the gumtree.

Bernina 730At the December social sewing we had a discussion about Bernina’s and their quality, as there have been a few posts floating around the blogosphere about Bernina’s.

After a little online lurking, I found an older one listed for a good price on the Gumtree, which had already been up for a week or two.  Generally, this to me would indicate it probably wasn’t available anymore so I sent off an enquiry email just in case.

It was little like when you leave a store thinking about buying something, and then when you go back it’s gone and you have massive regret.  After sending the email, I kept checking for a response…..I really WANTED that machine.  It’s had one owner since the 70’s, was recently serviced and in good working order.  The only reason they were selling was it was time to downsize their home, and the owner had subsequently bought ANOTHER bernina.

Obviously, it was available so I snaffled it up!  I arranged to pick it up between Christmas and New Year, and then it killed me not being able to try it out until 2014.  Longest wait EVER.

Was it worth it?  OH YES.  It’s true LOVE.  Even the sewing machine manual is very impressive.

Here’s my love list.

  • It self regulates the upper thread tension.
  • It has twenty different stitches.
  • The buttonholes are lovely and regular, even without having an automatic buttonhole option
  • It has a beautiful stitch quality
  • It has an automatic knee life
  • It has crazy things like a tailors tack foot.

I’ve still got to try out many of it’s features, but so far it has sewn beautifully everything I have put near it.  My poor singer is sitting getting a little neglected at the moment, but I might set them up for different projects, so I don’t have to swap needles and thread when working on multiple projects.  Sometimes I like to have my quick makes and then also the slow attention to detail projects at the same time, and find myself constantly swapping between threads, bobbins and needles.

I’ve also started the process of giving away my first sewing machine to a sewing newbie.  It’s a Toyota quiltmaster, and if you’re in Melbourne, new to sewing or want to start drop me a line.  If it’s still available, it could be yours 🙂


5 thoughts on “My other new arrival – a vintage Bernina 730 Record.

  1. It’s a wonderful machine! I have the one just under that (no buttonholes, only 4 different stitches) but I really like it a lot. And I like the fact that you can still buy feet even though the sewing machine is so old

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