FO: Lekala 4261 Top

Why hello Lekala 4261!  This coral blouse was actually a less fussy version of Lekala 4261, a wearable muslin if you will.

lekala 4261


Hard to tell as I’ve made it too small for the intended recipient.  It’s becoming a recurring theme here!  I’m going to make various people at social sewing try it on I think to see what the problem was.  I think it could be my use of 7 french seams, it could be the way I eased the french seams.  Maybe it was a typo when I entered it into Lekala.  In some way, it’s going to be my stupid brain.



This top (and the binding) was made out of 1 metre of a silk cotton blend from Darn Cheap Fabrics.  It is BEAUTIFUL to sew.  In fact, although I promised myself to not buy any more fabric I’m in love with silk cotton.  It’s tempting to make lots of silk cotton underwear out of it as it’s just so luxurious and also well priced.  This was $13.95 AUD per metre, which is very reasonable.


I’m really pleased with the way this blouse turned out, even though it doesn’t fit the intended recipient.  That’s ok, maybe it will eventually fit me, or there will always be someone skinnier at social sewing that may benefit from my sewing sizing mishaps!

The seams are all french seams (except the side seam with the inserted zipper), with handmade matching bias tape using this method.  While it does give you more seams than cutting long strips and then joining them, it’s easier to cut the bias tape after laying out your pattern if you leave a decent sized square.  It does take me a few moments of thinking to cut it out right, but if you take your time it turns out beautifully.


I usually don’t use invisible zips (as I find them finicky and liable to break), but it was the best option for this blouse.


Future learnings

*ahem* it would be wise to check the seam allowances BEFORE doing french seams.  The seam allowances (if you add them) on Lekala patterns are 1 cm (1/2″) , and I did french seams with something wider than that, and with 7 seams shaping the blouse…it slowly shrank.



5 thoughts on “FO: Lekala 4261 Top

  1. Argh I feel your pain. I made the Lolita top – it wasn’t French seamed but sewing all the seams with a 5/8in seam instead of the 1/2 or whatever it was turned the first one into a corset!

  2. What a shame. Such a pretty top too! I find french seams tricky. Mine always end up a bit ‘hairy’ 🙂 Hope to catch up with you at the next social sewing!

  3. It is gorgeous – also ‘must sew more silk cotton’, internal memo noted 😉 I love the continuous bias method, not that I ever remember to do it until I’ve cut the first 2 strips! Someone mentioned that an unthreaded overlocker slices it beautifully as well, but I’m sure I could turn that into a disaster 😉

  4. Good on you. Your construction is great as is the fabric.
    Not sure about the seam allowance issue either. I’ve only ordered Lekala with no seam allowances so I know for sure that I must add them.

  5. That’s a looooot of french seams!! yikes. It can be so easy to let you’re measurements slip with those tricksy things. I am SUPER impressed with your invisible zip insertion though… I’ve been wanting to try where the zip doesn’t finish at an opening but wandering how the hell to get it looking as good as what you’ve got here. Binding looks great, too!

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