Ooooh, blog hop de doooo

Thanks Rachel of Mymessings for the prompt to join in on this writing blog hop.

These are all over the blogosphere, so if you wish to skip this post, I understand.   Personally, I find these reflective posts interesting to do, and interesting to read as sometimes I’m so busy living life, I forget to challenge myself and take time to be introspective.

Why do you write

My passion for sewing is a niche, and this is my way of reaching out and connecting with other people who love sewing.  I don’t think of my blogging as blogging, or part of a ‘social media presence’, it all part of me reaching out and being part of a community.   My writing is a public journey of my sewing, which I can already look back on a see how it has changed, and how it’s changed me.

What are you currently working on

I’ve got a million draft posts (12) that are in progress, mostly waiting for photos.  In terms of sewing…oh gosh my work in progress is out of control as I’m feeling really inspired to sew at the moment.  Which means lots of new projects!

How does it differ from other sites of its genre?

Obviously my children are the cutest on the internet.  I didn’t say anything before, but as a maker, I did pretty damn well on those.

Now this is just going to be awkward for everyone 😛

On a more serious note, it doesn’t and for a good reason, as part of a community we all engage together by writing about our common interests.  Which makes our blogs similar, with our photos and writing styles only differ to reflect our personalities.  Which, incidentally is hilarious when you meet bloggers and you totally get their writing style more after meeting them.  And you always then read their blog posts hearing their IRL voice in your mind like a creepy voiceover.  Or is that just me?

How does your writing process work?

I apply almost the same rules as when I wrote essays in high school (which probably reflects the level of writing and poor grammar).

First, I whack out a few ideas, and think about everything I want to include.  Some people might call this an outline, other might call it rubbish.

Then, I replace all of those dot points into something I consider to be paragraphs.

Then I add photos (part of the post high school evolution).

Then occasionally, I will proof read before hitting publish (also part of the post high school evolution – but not often followed through).

So that’s got me thinking, that perhaps I should endeavour to improve the quality of writing.  It’s difficult to write in a not-business way after corporate life, which means my blog is more like word vom than a delight to read.  Do I care enough?  Do you care enough?  Or should I just include more pictures?

I would like to nominate two people for this to continue, one being the lovely Funkbunny…who when I first met her refused to do head inclusive photos, and now poses boldly and beautifully.  I’d love to know more about her journey and feelings on how her blogging has changed.

The other person I would like to nominate is Vita, who is a non-sewing blogger, but a new blogger.  Anyone remember why they started their blog in the beginning?  I find her posts honest and refreshing, and also her fashion roundups are starting to inspire some sewing ideas 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ooooh, blog hop de doooo

  1. I agree- some people’s writing really is a reflection of the way they speak. I can think of a few bloggers I’ve met that definitely have this skill.

    Interesting that you write before you take photos. I personally find it really difficult doing it that way round. I think I need the images to jog my memory or something.

  2. I read everyone in my own voice and get really surprised when they sound different in person … even the ones I *should* know would have different accents … I think after I’ve met people the voice changes but it’s a real shock, always. I have a silly brain.

    Your blog is a delight to read. So there. Just as long as you don’t start writing in terms of leveraging your core competencies and maximising your deliverables moving forward, we’ll be fine.

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